The Undercover Non-Vegan #1


I'm an absolute lover of food. For those of you that actually know me, i'm sure you are aware i'm not fussy and I pretty much happily eat anything. I always want to try new foods too. I wanted to start a blogging series called 'The Undercover Non-Vegan' because when I have food dates with my friend Ellen we always go to locations that suit her lifestyle. Which makes me feel like i'm going under cover and hopefully i'm not sussed out for not being a Vegan. I want to blog about locations that serve great Vegan food options, or perhaps even places that you may not think cater for Vegans.

One location I have been to on numerous occasions now is a lovely little business in Hitchin, Hertfordshire called Chia. "At Chia we are strong believers that by eating healthy and nutritious superfoods, we are not only benefiting our lives but the earth and its beings too. The Plant Based Project’s objective is to evolve the way we think, the way we eat and ultimately the way we live, by offering you the choice to experience a better you." 

The BLT - Big Lean and Toasty

I've tried quite a few options now from their menu, so far I haven't even been disappointed! From breakfast dishes to hot meals, hot bevvies and smoothies/juices - they have a real variety of colourful food. 

The price point of what you can buy there isn't too bad at all, I would definitely say some options are more reasonably priced than others. In terms of drinks - it's what I would expect to pay in your big chain coffee shops for dairy alternative drinks. The food is more or less priced at a typical dinner-dish sort of meal. Even though it's a little more expensive than you anticipate for a cafe, food portions are generous and you also need to bare in mind that some of the ingredients are more expensive to source too. 

That isn't a negative point though, don't let it steer you away from visiting here yourself. The food is incredibly tasty and it completely trumps the thought of Vegan food being bland and boring. I've been here on several occasions and i'll continue to come here working my way through the rest of the menu

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