Favourite beauty products of 2017


I really did make a conscious effort last year to invest more in my skin and hair. Not just money but also time and patience. Plus, I have a bad habit of buying too many things to try out and either losing interest or moving onto the next shiny thing.

I've taken more of an interest in double cleansing my face after wearing makeup. I've been trying to use up the Bodyshop Camomile cleansing butter  that I've been neglecting. I forgot how buttery this product is and how amazing it is at melting makeup whilst being so gentle on the skin. Following from this I use a product that is in my everyday skin care routine without fail Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. Once I've taken the makeup off of my skin I then massage this into my skin making sure my skin is refreshed when I wipe it all off with a muslin cloth.

Sheet masks have become a new favourite for me, especially with the winter months taking it's toll on my skin. I have absolutely been loving the Yes To Tomatoes blemish fighting mask - I kid you not I can definitely notice a difference to my blemishes after using this mask for just one time. It calms my skin and also treats the blemishes. When i'm not battling my blemishes i'm trying to balance my skin. Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Green Tea Hydrating Sheet Face Mask helps with that. I have oily/combination skin (which i'm learning to love) and i'm looking at keeping it balanced.

I've finally accepted the fact that just because I have oily skin doesn't mean I can't nourish my skin with oils. I discovered the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate to give my skin that extra pampering before bed. On a more recent scale though, I have recently discovered is The Ordinary by Deciem products. They have many products for different skin types and all for a really good price! It makes you wonder how some of the other beauty brands can justify charging so much.

I've always been one for wanting fabulous lashes. What girl hasn't? During the year I would have LVL treatments done to my eyelashes. Which is actually a really nice treatment to have done. It's a treatment that effectively tints and perms your lashes and usually lasts for about 6-8 weeks. I wanted to try something different though and I decided to purchase Revitalash. I'm not going to lie. Revitalash isn't cheap - but I definitely notice a positive difference and I don't think I'll stop using the product anytime soon! It's effectively an eyelash conditioner to help nourish and condition your eyelashes to help them grow and be stronger.

Lets talk hair. One brand I have fallen in love this year was OUAI (pronounced like 'way') and their hair oil. I originally purchased this for when I went to Mexico and I loved using it in my hair whilst I was there. To the point that it was the main hair product that I reached for until it was empty! More recently though I stumbled across the Loreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil In Cream. During the winter months my hair becomes even drier than normal and this leave in cream is amazing for my midlengths and ends. After washing my hair i'll pop in some serum and then the leave in cream too.

Finally one product that I can't believe I forgot to include in my original post is the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream. I purchased this tube back in January 2017 and it is still going strong! This is by far THE best product I have ever used on my lips or dry skin! Worth every penny and i'll be sad when I have to buy a new one! Originally I thought this product was only for dry lips but I can't believe how my conditions this product can help with and not just on your face!

What were your 2017 favourites? Comment them below!


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