17 things i'm taking from 2017


  1. It's okay not to be okay. Being happy and feeling great 100% is practically impossible. You need the negatives to truly make the most of the positives.
  2. It's a new day tomorrow. Don't let today ruin it if it was a bad one. 
  3. Weight goes up and down. Focus on being healthy and happy. Even if your goal is to lose weight. Focus less on the scales.
  4. Social media encourages a false impression of peoples lives. Don't feel like your Instagram needs a 'theme' or should look a certain way to get interaction.
  5. Fresh air does you good. Clear your head more often.
  6. Just because you feel you aren't doing things the 'normal way' doesn't mean its the wrong way.
  7. Make more time for the hobbies you enjoy. It's okay though if you can't spare the time all the time. 
  8. You need to sleep more.
  9. If you diet constantly - you'll crash. You'll crash hard too. Don't put your mental state through that again.
  10. Moana is a great film and it makes you happy. Keep watching it. 
  11. Listen more to those that love you.
  12. Stop filling your life with clutter. 
  13. You'll never find that missing sock. Buy some new ones damn it.
  14. Stop picking at your spots. Even though you know this and still choose to ignore it from time to time. 
  15. Go and explore more of the world. Even its a different country or not. 
  16. You can never take too many photos. 
  17. You do you. 

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