Royal Blood ~ Alexandra Palace


Last week the wait was over. The Royal Blood 2018 tour had reached Alexandra Palace in London. Scott and I ventured down there on the train not only excited to see Royal Blood perform, but the little piggies that we are - we wanted to get our hands on some fooooooood.

Quite fortunately we live in a location in which it isn't a terribly long journey to venture into London via the trains. In hindsight we wished we drove though, it wasn't particularly difficult to get to but with the cold winter weather we have right now, a cosy car journey home wouldn't have gone a miss! After chowing down on two fully loaded burritos (yes, we're still trying to get over our Mexico holiday blues!). We were ready to watch them perform! 

As expected, Royal Blood were absolutely amazing. Performing a good mixture of songs played from both of their albums. Having the whole crowd singing along and also as predicted, screaming for an encore right at the end finishing off with Ten Tonne Skeleton. If you want to listen to some music that's performed brilliantly live. Go and see Royal Blood. 

On a side note though, I do love to people watch whilst standing in a crowd of people. You find so many different types of characters. I suppose at gigs you have stereotypical types of people: 1. The hardcore/passionate fans - these types of people are singing every single song word for word as if they are the bands biggest and most important fan. 2. The drunken fans - those ones that probably wish they didn't get as drunk as they did at the start of the gig, resulting in them trying to dance off their drunkeness in hope they sober up a little. 3. The ' i'll film it all on my phone/ipad fans - I'm partial to taking a snap or two even if its a few seconds long of a video of  a song I love, but seriously you've paid to be there for the atmosphere, put the camera down once in a while! And finally 4. The 'I came here for my other half/friends' fan - the tag along that was invited for the great night out, doesn't know any lyrics or perhaps knows a few lines here or there whilst they're standing there. 

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