Manchester - better late than never!


I completely intended on writing this post closer to the time but I just simply don't know where the time has gone! About 10 days ago I visited my cousin who's currently at university in Manchester. I asked her to show me some of her favourite places to go in the time that I had with her. Considering before this visit I had never been to Manchester before - I was pretty excited to see whats what. Due to bad traffic on my way up to her, I only had a full day with her before I was due to leave. First stop: Afflecks Palace.

Everywhere I turned there was something that caught my eye. The building has such character - don't forget each shop stall or coffee shop of course! The building had very much an indie-vibe to it which is something i'm not usually exposed to in all honesty! So everything had my attention. My cousin took me to one shop called Messy Makeup who feature henna art. Sadly this is something I couldn't possibly get away with for work but my cousin went right ahead.

Those that know me would know I love a good shopping spree! Some stumbling across this vintage clothes shop which had a Kilo Sale amused me. 1 Kilo's worth of clothing for only £15. Of course I was really trying to be on my best behaviour and i'm proud to say I managed to resist all purchases!

Something really did make me giggle on my journey to and from Manchester. A reminder that i'm becoming a full fledged adult - I was thinking 'what a lovely smooth drive' whilst on the M6 toll road. Even right now I find myself smirking... oh dear... 

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