5 tips to help beat the post-summer blues


I don't know about you, as lovely and picture-esque the late autumn/early winter months are. I sometimes find it hard to snap out of the summer blues and actually enjoy the winter months. I thought I would put together an inspirational blog post in hopes that it will help you.

1. Pamper yourself.
Going into the winter months, I find my skin loves to take a turn for the worst. Involving breakouts and dryness as my skin tries to adjust to the weather changes. Find yourself your favourite face mask, run yourself a hot bath (why not throw some goodies in there like bath bombs or bath salts for a relaxing treat!) and why not paint your nails - or even better, visit a nail bar for that extra pampered feeling! This is something that works so well on it's own, but by all means invite some of the girls over and have a catch up at the same time with a face mask and a cuppa.

2. Take a moment and go for a walk.
Sometimes life just feels like its passing us by before we know it. Once in a while I really do enjoy just going for a stroll. Quite fortunately I live near lots of green fields and woodlands and I enjoy seeing how the scenery changes colours when late autumn strikes. Try not to restrict yourself though! If you want to explore a new area then do it! Plan the journey then go and embrace it. Perhaps take a camera with you if you're into photography or make it another reason to take the dog out for a walk.

3. Get cosy.
There's nothing I like more than tweaking things around the house (or more specifically my room!) to help me feel happier as winter creeps in. This year for example, I've purchased fresh pillow sets and a duvet for my bed. Extra plump and fluffy to keep me warmer as the nights fall colder. Even a new duvet set can cheer you up! Don't forget candles, i'm a sucker for a candle. Pick winter scents (or do I dare say since it isn't quite December just yet - festive scents) and be sure to light them in the evenings too. There's something in the ambient lighting that helps me feel extra cosy and comforted in the evenings.

4. Start a new hobby - or pick up an old one again!
As the weather gets colder I find it easier to pick up my knitting needles and get practising with different knitted pieces I could make. This time of year tends to follow the trend of hats and scarves though but it keeps me inspired and wanting to make more to better my skills! Why not learn a new language for the new year, play an instrument, or take up general creative classes that can help!

5. Plan something to look forward to.
I'm not wanting to wish the rest of the year away, but there is absolutely no harm in making plans for next year so you have something to look forward to. Plan a holiday with a loved one, friends or your family. Think about how you would like to celebrate your birthday next year if you're celebrating a special one. Is there something on your bucket list that you hope to tick off next year? Do a little bit of brainstorming and get planning. As soon as you have something to look forward to, you will feel much better about the time you have to spend between now and then!

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