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So for those of you that aren't already aware. A new Debenhams has opened up in Stevenage, Hertfordshire and oh yes, it features Kat Von D makeup and we couldn't be anymore excited about it. You can follow their Instagram page to keep up to date with all things makeup.

After numerous visits and a few desired purchases later, Laurel from the Kat Von D counter invited me to a makeup master class. It was all about a smokey glam look, my favourite thing about this though - was to be able to see the new product releases!

Laurel (pictured on the left) and Hayley (on the right) were there on hand to demonstrate the products to create the glamourous look with a few tips and tricks along the way. I hadn't realised before that there are quite a few products within the makeup line that can actually be used as multi purpose products. Ideal for creating many makeup looks without breaking the bank.

'Lock-It' crème concealer - blend on top the lids for an ideal eyeshadow primer
'Everlasting' lip liner  - perfect to use on the eyes too. Laurel really recommended the shade 'Skully' for a real 'black-black' pigment to use with a smokey eye.
'Metal Crush' eye shadow - the shade thunderstruck doesn't only look amaaaaazing as a pop of brightness in the inner corners of the eye but also on the cheekbones too!

A bold lip and some false lashes later, the makeup look was finished. It made me realise how easy it can be to create looks like this when you don't necessarily need to have every product under the sun in your makeup bag. I honestly couldn't wait to get home and try out some of the makeup i had purchased myself.

If you ever want to find some makeup inspiration or just love the Kat Von D makeup range like I do. You can follow Laurel and Hayley's Instagram pages (just click their names).

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