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Having nice hands and nails might seem like a luxury to some, but to me - it's a necessity for a great first impression. Plus who doesn't like to receive compliments about their fab set of nails!

I've always struggled with my nails in the past. They're pretty frail, thin and snap easily. Boo! So normal nail varnish is something that never lasts more than a day on me without chipping off like old paint. I envy anyone that I see pick up a bottle of Essie/Barry M/etc etc because no matter the brand, nothing lasted on my nails. (So many pretty colours *sob sob*).

I then got to know about gel polish, something with a little more structure to it to guarantee a longer manicure finish than regular nail polish. I'll be first to say I've never really been a nail expert at the time nail polish was just nail polish and that's the same for gel polish too. (I'm so sorry to any nail technicians out there!) Its not until one of my colleagues at work explained it all to me in terms of different types of products and how to care for you nails I began to realise how little I knew. I was recommended to go to Vanity Beauty Academy in Hitchin, Hertforshire, UK.

I've been to nail bars in the past, in all honesty - Vanity Beauty Academy is by far the best one I've been to. It's worth the trip to Hitchin rather than just going to a local nail bar in the town I live in. Upon arrival you can sense the pride in this independent business, not only in the decor, but of all the ladies that work there. Besides who could turn down a cup of tea the the cute little mugs they have?! (I love a cuppa!). 

Prior to the first time I had my nails done at Vanity Beauty, I had never really experienced nice nails. Seems dramatic doesn't it? I never used to get compliments on how nice my nails looked and no one used to ask me for the name of the place that I'd get them done. Without wanting to sound cheesy, I do now and my nails make me feel girly and proud! 

The cost of having gels done with Vanity Beauty Academy costs me £25 a time. The fabulous thing about this is that you aren't penalised if you want to explore creativity. Love a bit of nail art? Fancy a different type of texture? Like a plain colour across your fingers? It's £25 and you'll love it, my nails usually last me at least 3 weeks without chipping - what more could you ask for? (At the moment i'm obsessed with their new work that they're uploading to their Facebook page (click here). You can see snaps of my nail artwork on my Instagram, but for now you can admire some of the recent work that you'll see on their social media. 

Photos are not mine. They are from Vanity Beauty Academy

Vanity Beauty Academy offers other treatments than just nails. You can explore what they do if you click here! 
Are you a beautician yourself? Maybe you want to become one? Want to expand your qualifications or learn a new skill? Vanity Beauty Academy offer more than pampering - have a look at their website or give them a call! Click here <<

Want to see more on their social media?

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Website: Click here

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