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I love to find new places to stop and have a bite to eat. One place in particular that i'm noticing more and more little treasures in terms of places to eat and drink is in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, UK. I'm not from Hitchin myself, I would love to live here some day though! Such a lovely little town.

My boyfriend kept on talking about "this amazing place that made awesome sandwiches". For those of you that know me, i'm a big big fan of food. I'm always up for discovering new locations for a bite to eat. Besides, I needed to be the judge if this place really did have amazing sandwiches.

I liked the decor in Chilli B's. They had a clearly marked 'to-go' and dine in areas to order your food from. It's always a good sign walking into somewhere and they are genuinely busy catering for their lunch rush. My first impressions were.. "hm, this must be good?" Did you want to make a first impression? Click here to check out their menu!

Here's a little funny story... So it was only myself and my boyfriend sitting down to eat. Just the two of us. Two people that love food. Two very indecisive people when the menu looks too good to only pick one sandwich. So, that's what happened! We were so indecisive with which sandwiches we wanted to have we ordered 3 between us and shared them. The waitress made us laugh when she queried where the third person was that was joining us. We just admitted we ordered three sandwiches between the two of us. (yes in hindsight I was more than stuffed after tackling the last few bites I could of the sandwich) But Scott was right, the sandwiches at Chilli B's are great. One of my favourite things being that the menu is named after TV/movies. With their own comical sandwich twist! I had the 'Bacon Bad' - cajun chicken, bacon, mayo, toasted with melted cheese. All sandwiches served with a fresh dollop of coleslaw. Ah, so so good.

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