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It's a little belated, but on January 31st I went to the Electric Ballroom in Camden with one of my best friends Roma to see Alex Clare's Tail of Lions tour. If you aren't familiar with Alex Clare, i'd be almost certain that you would have heard this song of his from his first album.. [Too Close - 2012]

It honestly felt long overdue [the Tail of Lions tour] and Roma and I were more than excited. I love the pre gig buzz you get. Binge listening on music, following everything on social media and nattering away with those around you that are also excited like children going to a friends birthday party. Roma and I have managed to go to 2 out of 3 of his tours, I can vouch for the both of us in saying that we're a little gutted that we missed out on the first tour! 

It was by far his best tour yet though. I even enjoyed watching his instagram posts and stories [click]  after the tour was finished in the UK. I managed to take some photos from our evening on my Sony Xperia Z5 phone that i've uploaded onto my flickr account. I absolutely loved the greyscale theme with the photos and artwork for this tour and album, so I continued the theme over to the photos I took with the help of VSCO's X6 filter. 

The absolute highlight of my night (other than singing all the words with my AC gal next to me) was right at the end Alex said that he'll be hanging back after the gig to talk to people etc. It wasn't the case that I thought he wouldn't once everyone started to leave, I just couldn't imagine there being enough time for him to (quite literally!) talk to everyone.

So imagine my excitement right... I'm in the queue where you can have a chat with him, have the option to buy some merch and potentially get it signed. Grinning like there was no other expression that could be left on my face. Grasping onto Roma's hand to we don't seperate in the queue.. We're at the front.. we're ready to get some merch.. then we're told the card machine had gone down! Ah I was gutted. But not wanting to give up the opportunity to have him sign something I asked if he would happily sign my phone case! I was back to grinning stupidly and feeling all giddy in no time!

I just hope the next tour isn't as far away as the gap between the last two! 

Head over to my Flickr account to see the photos I took of the night. If you have Flickr too - hit that follow button so I can return the favour and also check out your portfolio! 

You can find Roma over at Intricate Trinkets ~ Hair. Trinkets. Life

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