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I love the winter months in England. Don't get me wrong i'm a summer-baby and i'd pick the sun over the snow any day. But there's nothing quite like layering up those cosy knits and spending time by the fireplace. It's time to snap our mindsets out of hibernation mode now. Now the clock's have gone forward, I've put together this post to just do that for you. 

1. Drink more water.
I for one can drink water like there's no tomorrow. My 'thing' at work is to carry around my 2.2 litre water bottle to keep hydrated. By all means, don't feel like you need to take a page out of my crazy book, but have you considered how much water you're drinking everyday and if you're even drinking enough? I'd always recommend to drink a glass as soon as you can when you wake up (kick-start that metabolism!) a glass before meals and finally right before you go to bed as your bare minimum. There's no harm in carrying a bottle around with you. Keeping hydrated is so good for keeping your brain alert and healthy. Wash away those toxins and feel refreshed. 

2. Make your meals fun looking and colourful.
I'm not saying strict diets are in order. Even I have a little attention span for boring-ass diets. Add more fruit and vegetables into your meals. Forget the nutritional benefit for one moment, make your meals more colourful and tasty! It also goes towards that oh-so-important 5 a day!

3. Catch those ZZZ's.
If you happen to find the secret to getting a great night's sleep, please do let me know. Sleep is essential to your immune system, metabolism, memory, and overall vital functions. Trying to improve my sleeping patterns was one of the main reasons I purchased a Fitbit last summer. Track my sleep and see where i'm going wrong in creating a better sleeping pattern. Just be sure to try and get your 8 hours and you'll be feeling goooooood in no time. 

4. Move those feet.
I'm not saying join a gym. You should consider different ways of keeping you active. Go swimming, wipe the cobwebs off your dusty bike, or even go for a walk. What can you do that will take up just half an hour of your day? Got a project you're working on that involves quite a bit of physical effort? Go for it. 

5. Not reached for it since last Spring? Time to pass it on.
Have a sort through your wardrobe. Create a pile of clothes you wish to sell if you wish to make a buck out of your unwanted clothing items. Another pile should be designated to donating towards a charity shop, just because you don't find it of any use now, doesn't mean someone else wouldn't be better off without it either! You'll feeling much better and refreshed once you've had a sort out. 

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