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Well it's been a while again, hasn't it? I guess you could say my blog has been on a hiatus since October '16 but in all honesty, it feels like it's been so much longer than that. A few months before my blogging became less apparent I wrote this post here. It appreciate it if you have the time, give it a read.  I began doubting myself and what I was writing. It started to feel nothing like myself at all. I originally started blogging to express myself in the world of beauty. After time, it seemed like if your blog didn't "fit in" with not only the content, but even down to what you use for your background in your photos, your blog wasn't good. 

I've taken a step back from blogging over the past few months, I think in all honesty I needed it. I didn't want Beautiboe to completely shut down and gather dust so I decided to keep it's instagram account going. I always had it in my mind to start blogging again, but I definitely fell out of love with it no matter how much I wished it wasn't true. It's pretty easy to get stuck in a rut and quite challenging to snap yourself out of it. In my case, once again I had my girls and my boyfriend giving me the boost I needed to consider thinking about new content. This lead me to think about the different mindset I need for this blog. 

It's like I had an epiphany. Lifestyle, my style. I can write about my interests, but i'll make my blog my own. It doesn't have to be like the other blogs. It doesn't need to have a same content theme as other blogs. Don't get me wrong i'll always enjoy reading those blogs myself(!) but I want to be able to write about my interests in beauty, fashion, my hobbies, travels and photography and so much more. My way. 

It's a shame something like social media which allows us to be able to express ourselves in many forms and connect with others on such a magnificent scale, can also have the opposite effect and make you feel alone and pessimistic. 

Watch this space... 

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