I gave up dairy for a month and this happened...


Going into the new year I wanted to give something a try that could potentially change my lifestyle. If it worked and proved to be better for me, I wanted to keep at it. I'm still trying to keep this mentality but for now, I can tell you how this went for me. I understand my experience won't be the same for everyone. At least this will give you a little insight.

Week One.
Like any new idea, I was in the right frame of mind and ready to tackle what was ahead of me. No dairy, easy! I could just research into alternatives and substitute products so I didn't have to miss out. Technically I didn't have to feel like I would be missing out because milk products weren't a large chunk of my dietary intake. I quite enjoyed products like almond and coconut milk already. My cravings started towards the end of the first week when I wanted things like yogurt and chocolate. Other than that I found removing dairy from my diet was easy if it was an optional product to start with. I didn't have much interest in finding dairy-free products of items I had already lying around the house.

Week Two.
During my dairy free adventure I thought I'd explore the world of soya. The only thing I really knew about this product was that it was a common alternative for dairy. I wish I read into it more beforehand. I discovered that soya gave me skin problems. I reached out to my boyfriends cousin who is a happy vegan for advise. I never thought that soya could upset the hormonal balance with your skin. Funnily enough, hormonal spots were quite an important factor in why I decided to avoid dairy. If I drank too much milk for example, I would break out and my arms would also come out in an acne like condition. Bye bye soya.

Week Three.
Honestly, I felt a little knocked down by the state of my skin on my skin. I was still quite happy having no dairy, but now I didn't feel inclined to try new alternatives. My enthusiasm towards this challenge had faded quite dramatically. My skin was still unpleasant, although it was now on the mend of getting back to it's usual state. The only soya exception I allowed myself to cheer myself up was the Quorn picnic eggs - damn they're good.

Week Four.
By the final week, I think I had already made my decision in terms of how I would continue this no dairy lifestyle choice. Considering I don't have much dairy as it is, It's no harm to either continue having milk when perhaps its the only option available, or just picking a good alternative depending on the drink. If there is a percentage of dairy in a ready made product (ie pasta etc.. ) then it's not an issue with moderation. I generally don't think my skin at the moment can handle a dramatic hormonal imbalance in comparison to what it would usually be familiar to. I think a healthy mix of exercising and eating everything in moderation or giving the opportunity to a non-dairy alternative a chance as and when is the best lifestyle choice for me.

Have you given up dairy before? What was your experience? 

Spring yourself into these 5 simple lifestyle changes


I love the winter months in England. Don't get me wrong i'm a summer-baby and i'd pick the sun over the snow any day. But there's nothing quite like layering up those cosy knits and spending time by the fireplace. It's time to snap our mindsets out of hibernation mode now. Now the clock's have gone forward, I've put together this post to just do that for you. 

1. Drink more water.
I for one can drink water like there's no tomorrow. My 'thing' at work is to carry around my 2.2 litre water bottle to keep hydrated. By all means, don't feel like you need to take a page out of my crazy book, but have you considered how much water you're drinking everyday and if you're even drinking enough? I'd always recommend to drink a glass as soon as you can when you wake up (kick-start that metabolism!) a glass before meals and finally right before you go to bed as your bare minimum. There's no harm in carrying a bottle around with you. Keeping hydrated is so good for keeping your brain alert and healthy. Wash away those toxins and feel refreshed. 

2. Make your meals fun looking and colourful.
I'm not saying strict diets are in order. Even I have a little attention span for boring-ass diets. Add more fruit and vegetables into your meals. Forget the nutritional benefit for one moment, make your meals more colourful and tasty! It also goes towards that oh-so-important 5 a day!

3. Catch those ZZZ's.
If you happen to find the secret to getting a great night's sleep, please do let me know. Sleep is essential to your immune system, metabolism, memory, and overall vital functions. Trying to improve my sleeping patterns was one of the main reasons I purchased a Fitbit last summer. Track my sleep and see where i'm going wrong in creating a better sleeping pattern. Just be sure to try and get your 8 hours and you'll be feeling goooooood in no time. 

4. Move those feet.
I'm not saying join a gym. You should consider different ways of keeping you active. Go swimming, wipe the cobwebs off your dusty bike, or even go for a walk. What can you do that will take up just half an hour of your day? Got a project you're working on that involves quite a bit of physical effort? Go for it. 

5. Not reached for it since last Spring? Time to pass it on.
Have a sort through your wardrobe. Create a pile of clothes you wish to sell if you wish to make a buck out of your unwanted clothing items. Another pile should be designated to donating towards a charity shop, just because you don't find it of any use now, doesn't mean someone else wouldn't be better off without it either! You'll feeling much better and refreshed once you've had a sort out. 

Tail Of Lions


It's a little belated, but on January 31st I went to the Electric Ballroom in Camden with one of my best friends Roma to see Alex Clare's Tail of Lions tour. If you aren't familiar with Alex Clare, i'd be almost certain that you would have heard this song of his from his first album.. [Too Close - 2012]

It honestly felt long overdue [the Tail of Lions tour] and Roma and I were more than excited. I love the pre gig buzz you get. Binge listening on music, following everything on social media and nattering away with those around you that are also excited like children going to a friends birthday party. Roma and I have managed to go to 2 out of 3 of his tours, I can vouch for the both of us in saying that we're a little gutted that we missed out on the first tour! 

It was by far his best tour yet though. I even enjoyed watching his instagram posts and stories [click]  after the tour was finished in the UK. I managed to take some photos from our evening on my Sony Xperia Z5 phone that i've uploaded onto my flickr account. I absolutely loved the greyscale theme with the photos and artwork for this tour and album, so I continued the theme over to the photos I took with the help of VSCO's X6 filter. 

The absolute highlight of my night (other than singing all the words with my AC gal next to me) was right at the end Alex said that he'll be hanging back after the gig to talk to people etc. It wasn't the case that I thought he wouldn't once everyone started to leave, I just couldn't imagine there being enough time for him to (quite literally!) talk to everyone.

So imagine my excitement right... I'm in the queue where you can have a chat with him, have the option to buy some merch and potentially get it signed. Grinning like there was no other expression that could be left on my face. Grasping onto Roma's hand to we don't seperate in the queue.. We're at the front.. we're ready to get some merch.. then we're told the card machine had gone down! Ah I was gutted. But not wanting to give up the opportunity to have him sign something I asked if he would happily sign my phone case! I was back to grinning stupidly and feeling all giddy in no time!

I just hope the next tour isn't as far away as the gap between the last two! 

Head over to my Flickr account to see the photos I took of the night. If you have Flickr too - hit that follow button so I can return the favour and also check out your portfolio! 

You can find Roma over at Intricate Trinkets ~ Hair. Trinkets. Life

I'm calling it Lifestyle, my style.


Well it's been a while again, hasn't it? I guess you could say my blog has been on a hiatus since October '16 but in all honesty, it feels like it's been so much longer than that. A few months before my blogging became less apparent I wrote this post here. It appreciate it if you have the time, give it a read.  I began doubting myself and what I was writing. It started to feel nothing like myself at all. I originally started blogging to express myself in the world of beauty. After time, it seemed like if your blog didn't "fit in" with not only the content, but even down to what you use for your background in your photos, your blog wasn't good. 

I've taken a step back from blogging over the past few months, I think in all honesty I needed it. I didn't want Beautiboe to completely shut down and gather dust so I decided to keep it's instagram account going. I always had it in my mind to start blogging again, but I definitely fell out of love with it no matter how much I wished it wasn't true. It's pretty easy to get stuck in a rut and quite challenging to snap yourself out of it. In my case, once again I had my girls and my boyfriend giving me the boost I needed to consider thinking about new content. This lead me to think about the different mindset I need for this blog. 

It's like I had an epiphany. Lifestyle, my style. I can write about my interests, but i'll make my blog my own. It doesn't have to be like the other blogs. It doesn't need to have a same content theme as other blogs. Don't get me wrong i'll always enjoy reading those blogs myself(!) but I want to be able to write about my interests in beauty, fashion, my hobbies, travels and photography and so much more. My way. 

It's a shame something like social media which allows us to be able to express ourselves in many forms and connect with others on such a magnificent scale, can also have the opposite effect and make you feel alone and pessimistic. 

Watch this space... 

MAKEUP 101: 5 tips to get the most out of your makeup sponge


Left - dry Real Techniques sponge + Right - damp Real Techniques sponge. 
I guess there's no definitive way of using a makeup sponge, at the end of the day use it how you wish. This post is here to help you get the most out of your makeup sponge/beauty blender/etc! There'll be a day that I splurge out for a Beauty Blender but before that time comes, i'm using (and would happily recommend) the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.  

1. Don't rub your skin with the sponge - stipple/dab! 
What you'll find with using makeup sponges is that for a most even coverage you apply the liquid foundation (for example) in a dabbing motion. You'll actually get more coverage with less product, plus it'll be easier to cover areas around your eyes and blending your jawline. 

2. Dampen your sponge with water.
I've always been told I should dampen my makeup sponges before applying base makeup products with them. When using the sponges dry, you end up using more product because the sponge begins to absorb the liquid upon application. Plus using a damp sponge will leave you with a beautiful dewy finish which is easy to cover with powder for a matte look.

3. Wash your sponges after every use. 
Just like makeup brushes, these tools should be washed regularly. Otherwise the tools simply become homes for bacteria to live in. The thought of applying bacteria to your face on a daily basis is so not ideal! Errr hello breakouts!

4. You CAN actually use a dry makeup sponge.
You see and hear everywhere that you should never use a sponge dry. I personally wouldn't recommend it for base makeup ie: foundation and concealer. But you can actually use a dry makeup sponge to correct mistakes that you make with powdered makeup like bronzer and blush. By using a dry sponge you can actually diffuse the intensity of the power you have just applied. Unlike using liquid products with a dry sponge, the powder wouldn't be absorbed into the sponge. 

5. Use your sponge with a light hand. 
I find makeup sponges are great for really blending in foundation well onto the skin. The best technique i've found is to gently stipple the sponge over the skin. If you are using the sponge too heavy handed you'll find that the blending of the liquid foundation is harder, plus you might be leaving the texture of the sponge on the surface of your skin. 

I hope this helps anyone that might have questions about using makeup sponges! Do you have any tips? Share them with me! 

MAKEUP 101: When should you throw away your products?

Have you ever noticed on the labels of your beauty products and cosmetics, there's a little symbol letting you know how long the product is good for until it expires? You'll find these kinds of symbols on products like makeup, hair care, nail varnish (and remover), perfume and other cosmetics. Don't expect it to expire and suddenly look like something equivalent to spoilt milk. 

You see the little tub that's opened with a number and a letter stamped on the front? That's the symbol you need to look out for, but its what's on the symbol that you should take note of. You'll either see an M - for months or Y - for years. The number displayed in front of it is simply the quantity of time. in this case with my nail varnish remover in the image above, I should dispose of it after 30 months from it being opened. 

Ever thought about how long you should keep your makeup for? You can always refer to the individual packaging on the particular product. 

Mascara - 2 or 3 months (Unless the formula becomes clumpy, then throw it away!)
Foundation/Concealer - 6 to 12 months if it's a liquid form! 
Eyeshadow - 2 years
Lipstick/Lipgloss - 2 years for lipstick/1 year for lipgloss
Nail Polish - Up to 2 years (Throw away once the formula becomes gloopy or thicker than normal!)
Perfume - 8 - 10 years if kept in good condition - If it has changed smell or lightened in colour, it's probably expired. It's best to keep bottles of perfume out of direct sunlight. 

I know it's hard to part with some products, especially if it doesn't feel like you have had the products as long as you actually have! It's best to dispose to prevent bacteria irritating your skin or causing breakouts!

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