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This year I decided to take part in the #31DaysOfHalloween tag challenge on Instagram. One Thing I had learnt from this challenge almost immediately, was that preparation is key. Sparing every evening for makeup and Halloween themed looks was tough - life happens. I tried my best though! See all my looks over on my Instagram - click here! 

One trend you're going to see a lot this year (thanks to the Suicide Squad Movie) is The Joker and Harley Quinn. If you happen to have liquid latex and cotton wool balls about the house - recreating the joker is very simple. Other than that, grab some brightly coloured eye shadows and make your own version of Harley herself! 

This look was inspired by this video created by Mykie/GlamandGore. Creating an actual 'cut' crease eye makeup look. This was very simple to recreate - using a normal nude eyeshadow palette, red eyeshadow and black liquid liner. As an option you could add fake blood to the look, I believe Mykie also uses scab blood - obviously that's optional!

Skull themed makeup looks are such a great idea this time of year. You can be as creative as you wish! Varying from life-like skulls, colourful skulls, sugar skulls and more! There's plenty of tutorials around on Youtube or even searching for the tag 'SkullMakeup' on instagram will inspire you even more! 

You could even play with other techniques when trying to create your Halloween makeup this year. A while ago I created a 'Broken Doll' look for my Instagram after playing with the contents of a special effects makeup kit my boyfriend had got me. Rigid Collodion is a fab product if used carefully on the skin! It made the cracks in my skin look so real!

Then there's the oh so colourful mermaid looks that I've been noticing all over social media. Fantastic to look at, even easier to recreate yourself! Grab yourself a hair net that you would wear under a wig, pull it right over your face (be careful not to adjust it whilst you're applying the eyeshadow over the skin). Pick the colours you want for your mermaid and with a fluffy makeup brush apply it all over areas of your skin. I opted for a highlighter to really make the colours look like scales. Then gently lift off the hair net and voila! Finish with a pretty lippy and lashes!

I hope these help you with some ideas for Halloween this year! By all means follow me on Instagram! If you require more inspo - just search where I do! Youtube and Instagram tag trends! 


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