Last minute Halloween costume ideas


The time has drawn closer and you've still not sorted out an outfit for the seasonal Halloween weekend. Let me throw some inspiration your way!

- You'll probably be considering if you can make something out of your wardrobe - saves money, saves time right? Black dress? You can totally transform into a Halloween favourite, a witch. Cute black top, black disco pants/leather look trousers or even black jeans (notice the trend?) Find a pair of black tights that you won't mind sacrificing and make a stuffed tail - voila! You're now a cat. Worst case, opt for the ol' toilet roll and call yourself a mummy!

- I guess you might even consider looking online trying to find something that you could make an outfit on. You don't really want to feel like you've splashed the cash on something that you won't wear again for another year (lets face it, who wears the same costume two years in a row anyway?). So you end up looking for anything that features black. Personally I love ASOS for saving me on my last minute change of mind in terms of outfits. I use their ASOS Premier service for next day delivery.

- You could always visit those shops in the high street that have those classic family Halloween costumes that are possibly not you're first choice in outfits. Settle for what you see? Heck if you're hitting a party a few games of beer pong might help you forget how much you dislike your outfit. 

- Get creative with the odd bits you might have around the house. I've always been tempted to show up to a party as a Sim. Far too easy, wear whatever you want then make yourself a Plum Bob* - I've found a tutorial here. *If you don't know what a Plum Bob is - hide away in your room and get yourself onto the Sims.

I hope this post seems useful in some kind of way. I'm really looking forward to see what everyone dresses up as this year. Let's not forget the amount of Harley Quinn's that'll be floating about! 

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