I couldn't wait any longer! I went online and made a purchase from Colourpop. Colourpop is an American makeup brand that strives to be 'wallet friendly' and 'bunny approved' what a great combo! Plus, the quality pay off in the products is brilliant. 

At the time Colourpop were having free international shipping, what a great time to place an order! I tried to order a variety of bits  - liquid lipsticks, lippie stixs, highlighters and eyeshadow! I might as well mention that I did order an extra surprise liptsick. But i'll talk more of that later! 

My first impression of these products was great. The postal packaging was so cute! I'm a sucker for packaging ahaha. After a couple of swatches I was amazed at what the pigmentation was like, liquid products and powders! Considering these items varied from about $4/$5+ each - I was pleasantly surprised!

So I picked up:

2x Ultra Satin Lips in Echo Park and Frick N' Frack
1x Ultra Matte Lip in Trap
1x Ultra Metallic Lip in Lights Out
5x Lippie Stix in ButtonWetTootsiLady and a mystery shade that i'll be giving away!
2x Highlighters in Spoon and Flexitarian
1x Eyeshadow in Fringe

The lipsticks have a great lasting power I find that I only need to touch up the liquid lipstick once in the day. The powders are so creamy! I haven't yet got used to using them with makeup brushes because they are thaaaat creamy. But a simple technique of applying the powder makeup with my fingers seems to do the trick!

After having these products a while I've absolutely fallen in love with Echo Park and Flexitarian! These are by far my favourites and I find myself wearing them the most.

I already can't wait to order more in the future. I mean, I really could now but I'm trying to make myself wait that little bit longer. Before I wake up one day to (dare I say it?!) too much makeup!

Have you purchased from Colourpop before?

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