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Anyway, exciting times ahead, My monthly favourites being one of them! In collaboration with a good friend of mine, I bring you the snaps of my monthly favourites. I'll give you more details below of Framing Beads, for now - I give you my favourite product of September!

Another day I find myself in Boots - another day I find new products that 'just-so-happen' to fall into my shopping basket and escort me to the till! I was on the hunt for products to help my skin when it was breaking out. I have a few product faves that I try to use each evening to help prevent breakouts whilst my skin is clear. I wanted something that would help me in my times of need!

So quite literally as the name of this product suggests, it's a powdery substance which when mixed with water becomes an effective but gentle exfoliate (depending on how much water you use in ratio with the powder). Being able to adjust the intensity of the product makes it beneficial for you to use several times a week without you worrying about over-exfoliating your skin. The packaging for this product is very practical. Consider the fact that the powder (when in contact with water) will dissolve and expand into a foam like substance. Keeping the product dry when not in use is key but also super simple due to the lid design on the bottle. 

I enjoy mixing the powder with a minimal amount of water at first and then massage it onto my face. Whilst its at its thickest consistency I focus the product around my T-Zone, around my nose and then finally my chin. I dampen my hands further then continue to massage the product on the rest of my face whilst the product becomes less intense with the new amount of water i'd have added to my skin.

It leaves my skin feeling refreshed, exfoliated and very very clean. I would suggest using this after a facial wash if you were wearing makeup. If your skin is clean and free from makeup products - feel free to go straight in with the Biore Baking Soda Scrub. 

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I guess you could say this was part 2 of this post! I want to talk about a good friend of mine and her hobby Framing Beads (click here!).  She has a Facebook page and also a Twitter account! What is Framing Beads I hear you say? If you are looking for a one of a kind, handmade personalised gift for a family member, friend, colleague etc then look no further and get in contact via their Facebook Page! Stuck for inspiration? Have a look at the gallery of photos they share of their happy customers framed pieces and see what takes your fancy! I was lucky enough to be sent a few frames, one for myself and two dedicated to my blog - Beautiboe! 

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