My top 5 apps right now


1. VSCO - Photography & Photo Editing -  I discovered this app a little while back via Instagram. Oh the wonder of hashtags and curiosity! Its a free app to download with in-app purchases if you feel it's necessary to expand the content you have on there already. This app's main purpose is to edit amateur photography in a mobile manner, with numerous filters and photo tweaking effects you can get your hands on. 

2. Fitbit - Health & Fitness - Over a week or so ago, I decided to buy myself a Fitbit after eyeing them up for months on end but feeling ever so indecisive over which model is best suited for my needs. (For those that want to know which one I got - Fitbit Charge HR. I'm really loving the app. It feels like its full of encouragement rather than over analysing your every move and bite you eat. It'll help track your fitness, sleeping patterns, and hydration. It's free to download but you will require a Fitbit device to be able to use the app itself. 

3. Flickr  - Photography - I've had the Flickr app since I can ever remember on a smartphone device. Flickr is a website community in which photographers of all skill levels are able to display their work in an online portfolio. The app just creates an ease off access through a mobile device. I myself have a Flickr account - click this link here to view my work. I'm in the process of purchasing a new DSLR camera in the upcoming weeks/months so i'll be uploading new content soon after! 

4. Dojo - I was only introduced to this app a matter of days ago. To be honest, beforehand I never knew it was a thing! I was asking my colleague of any recommendations of bars/places in London. She showed me this app - there's so many options to select from! I can't wait to use this for my next London trip.

5. Jetfit - Once again another app I've recently been introduced to but i'm loving already! If you're ever stuck for workout plans for muscle areas or simply bored of your own exercise routine - this app has it for you! If you wanted to workout at home or in the gym, there is a large selection of images with demonstrations to assist you too. 

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