Is blogging all that it's cracked up to be?


I've been pondering over the idea of actually writing this post for a little while. I was scrolling through Twitter and just to happened to have an account I follow retweet a particular blogger's link about "The Ugly Side Of Blogging" (Click here to read) it's written by Oliva. Just simply by it's title I was interested and wanted to read it. Is there really an ugly side to blogging? I mean, I go through peaks and troughs of actually thinking my blog is 'beautiful' from time to time, but can blogging really get ugly? I really do suggest you read her blog post about this, you might then understand where this particular post is coming from.

I'm never someone who wants to put a negative downer on any situation. I mean, I even have people tell me I smile too much, why am I laughing, how do I seem positive all the time. Eek, i'm not, but it's the way I want to look out on everything in the world if it's possible. I always want to see my blog as something that I can express myself in quite happily, I want everyone to be able to see my bubbly personality and be able to read my blog posts as if i'm actually there, talking to you with a cup of coffee in our hands. But to the point of this post..

I originally made this blog a little while back, happily posting away on products I loved, things I had purchased, places I had been - you know typical bits and bobs some blogs post about! I'm guessing i'm not the only one that has experienced a time in their blogs life when they feel pretty alone on the internet (yes that seems like a hard thing to comprehend for something like the internet). There has been times in which it feels I post something and it gets over-looked fairly quick. After a little time of feeling this way, I questioned myself - does anyone really care for my blog? There's so many out there, why would someone want to read mine. Without wanting to admit it to myself, thoughts like that lead my blog to go onto a hiatus (which at the time it felt indefinite).

I'd look at other bloggers with their blogs, instagram and twitter accounts etc and admire how their presence had so much interaction with others that expressed and shared the same interest as them. Acknowledging the fact my blog was beginning to collect cobwebs I would wonder what I was doing wrong? There must have been something I was doing wrong. Were the photos I had been taking for my blog right? Was there a right way to take my photos? Did I need to purchase small props and backgrounds to make the photos to a better blogging standard - if that even is such a thing? Was my camera to a high enough spec? Could people even tell this from a single photo? I know there isn't a right or wrong way as such, everyone entitled to express themselves in whatever way they wish. But I couldn't help to have this bitter taste in my mouth.

There was one evening, it was in a pub near Kings Cross train station in London just over a year later from the blog going on hiatus. It involved two of my favourite girls, a few bottles of wine between us and quite a pep-talk. Taking the two of them out of the picture in that blog audience scenario, they reminded me there is at LEAST 1 person out there that will read that blog posts. My blog wasn't pointless, unnecessary, or not good enough. With a slightly drunken promise followed by ending the night by hugging it out between us, I went home, got some sleep and the following morning I brushed off the cobwebs that suffocated my blog.

I repurchased it's domain, I gave the blog a makeover, I gave it the time and dedication it deserved. I've learnt a few things since picking it back up again. I really hope this reassures anyone in the same position as I've felt, that you blogging and expressing your interests etc isn't a waste of time. There will be someone out there that reads what you write. Be it that you have less than 100 subscribers/followers you shouldn't be made to feel like you'll forever sit in the shadows. Or perhaps you have 1,000's or even 50,000+ it doesn't matter how big those numbers are at the end of the day. Blogging creates a community, that community should support one another otherwise everything will just simply crumble and blogging might cease to exist as something we all wished it to be.

Keep writing about the things you love, the places you visit and tell us your interests. Don't think that the digital content supporting your posts isn't blog-like enough. What is blog-like anyway? I tend to photograph beauty products on the side of my bathroom sink in natural morning light... I want to leave this post on a positive note - regardless of how big or little you are on whatever social media platform, support and interact with everyone around you. You are unique and your blog deserves to be a reflection of you. If all blogs looked the same, we wouldn't admire people for being who they are and that's when we notice that subscribe/follower count dropping.
*Images from instagram - they are not my own. 

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