Finally, a Morphe Brushes splurge


If you're interested in makeup, i'd be surprised if you haven't heard of Morphe Brushes. Especially if you browse makeup inspiration over on Instagram. Be it that you know them for their fantastically priced makeup brushes or their amazing in demand eyeshadow palettes - they come across as great quality for the price you pay. Since Morphe Brushes isn't easily available in the UK, relying on reviews and recommendations over the internet is quite key. 

Without wanting to pay any ridiculous shipping costs or custom duty fee's if you're planning on ordering this, I would recommend the place I made my order from. Beauty Bay - Click here. There's also free delivery options when you spend over £15 - hehe

With much excitement I ordered: (All varying in prices from £2.50 upwards)

M139 - Tapered Crease Blender
M524 - Medium Shadow Fluff
M316 - Flat Crease 
M322 - Large Pointed Crease
M151 - Small Chisel Fluff
M495 - Duo Deluxe Fan

My first impression? These feel like an amazing quality considering that at least one of these brushes have a retail value of £2.50. All of the eyeshadow brushes are lightweight which would be great for taking them with you on your travels. I washed all of the brushes before using any of them (as you should do before using any new makeup brush - calm your anticipation down - you need to make sure those brushes are clean!) I found after the brushes had been cleaned for the first time a couple of brushes lost a very minimal amount of bristles - this sometimes happens with any brush you could purchase. other than that they all dried and kept their shape really well!

Now for the more colourful part of this blog haul... 

I ordered the 12P Picasso eyeshadow palette, a beautifully bright palette which I couldn't wait to get my hands on and make some looks with! With 12 different shades there is certainly numerous electrifying looks you could make on all different levels of wear-ability. As you can see by my random swatches, with a casual swipe on the back of my hand you can see how strong the pigments are. Add an eyeshadow primer and some good brushes they'll stand bold and greatly blended. 

For my first ever makeup haul from Morphe Brushes, i'm so pleasently impressed and i'm glad to say everything has matched my expectations. Now to refrain from splurging out on more Morphe products so soon! I'm thinking my next palette will have to be from the 35 palette range! I'm already in love!

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