Date night ~ Birthday Edition


So last week my boyfriend and I spent an evening out in London as a planned surprise (on his behalf) for my birthday. As someone that admittedly doesn't venture out to London as much as I'd love to, I know that whenever he happens to plan a trip that way, it'll most likely be to somewhere I've not been before. In this case he took me away for dinner and the cinema. He knows the way to my heart is food (but I wouldn't say no to the occasional beauty treat ;)!)

We went to the Red Dog Saloon in Hoxton Square and dinner (may I say!) was amazing. Both of us hadn't been to this place before so we were eagerly anticipating what the food would be like. I ordered brisket and he ordered ribs. You might be able to tell from the image above that the serving sizes were not on the small side! The atmosphere inside feels pretty lively - a warning if you're looking to dine somewhere that you'll be able to clearly hear a conversation over the table. I wouldn't list the atmosphere as a fault or a negative, I personally think it gives the place character! I guess the only downside to eating at the Red Dog Saloon is that both my boyfriend and I being foodies, we struggled to finish when we really did want more! It would definitely be somewhere I would want to go back to again, another well done Scott! (haha)

To help walk off the sheer amount of food we ate, we took a lovely little walk from the Red Dog Saloon over to the Electric Cinema in Shoreditch. I'm not going to lie, I didn't anticipate a small 1 screen cinema which requires you to walk through what looks like a small restaurant diner, down a flight of stairs and through a seating area. I was expecting something a little more generic and 'business chain' looking like the larger and more familiar cinema companies are. 

The Electric Cinema isn't like any usual cinema I've been to before. Walking into a small room lit up by small lampshades on every other (or so) table, comfortable looking armchairs with a cashmere blanket to assure you really are comfortable during your stay watching the film - very, very cosy. 

Prior to entering the screen, there's a fully licensed bar that serves numerous drinks and food options. I'm not going to lie, we were both a tiny little bit gutted that we were too full from our Red Dog Saloon dinner to sample and enjoy the food that the Electric Cinema could offer. Perhaps more the reason to head back there again? eh? 

Whether you have read the reviews or not on Suicide Squad, it's definitely worth a watch. I won't go into much detail about the movie - I would hate to blurt out any spoilers for you - but Margot Robbie did a great job as Harley Quinn, right Mr J? 

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