BUY or BYE? Dove Intensive Care Conditioner


I don't know about you, but I haven't been the kindest to my hair in the past. I'm always looking for conditioning treatments that'll help to restore my hair's dehydrated and damaged state. You might have seen some of my previous hair care posts in the past that feature other conditioning treatments - I don't think i'll ever really stop looking since some brands release some really good products.

Back in the past before my blog went on a hiatus, I had written a blog post about Dove's hair care therapy. I believe this intensive care conditioner is the face lift of that original product. Back to this product though...

I picked up this conditioning treatment in my local Boots store on offer for around £3 I believe? It's a thick consistency which makes your hair feel like it's really being nourished whilst you're in the process of washing your hair. Usually I would focus the product on the ends of my hair. Depending on your own hair type, you might find that the product could potentially make your roots feel greasy if you don't happen to wash the product out enough. Saying that though, I've not encountered this issue myself though! I really think this product is great value for money! I used the product every time I washed my hair - since the product does claim it could be used on a daily basis.

So BUY or BYE?

Hands down, I would purchase this product again. I'd also really recommend it to anyone wanting to give their hair some nourishment. Depending on what your own hair needs are, Dove do seem to have a range of products suitable for different hair types - it all gets better when Drugstores have them on offer too!


  1. I really love Dove products and always have their body wash to hand yet I've never tried their hair care! Will have to change this soon xx

    Alice Anne // Annie Writes Beauty

    1. I really recommend it! it feels so nourishing! x


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