BUY or BYE? Bleach London Reincarnation Mask


I for one haven't been the kindest to my hair in the past. I've been blonde, black, red, purple, orange, yellow (the last two weren't by choice AH) to name a few.. Did I ever mention i'm naturally a brunette? My biggest mistake has probably been me letting myself dye my own hair with box dyes, girl let the professionals do it!

My current hair situation is natural but bleached on the ends. Due to my hair mistakes in the past I understand that I need to look after my hair to maintain its best condition possible, I guess by going blonde I need to make sure that toning is involved too. You might have noticed on my blog in the past that i'm a big fan of hair care treatments - there's plenty I've been curious to try!

I've been familiar with Bleach London for a while now, I used to admire what they would post on social media with all these different hair colours and looks! When they started to stock themselves in Boots I was even more fascinated that I could potentially recreate those colours myself! Kate - remember what we said about colouring your hair yourself!) They also stocked this product. The Reincarnation Mask suitable for bleached or dyed hair. With a retail price of £6 I thought its really not a bad buy for what the product is promising.

So i'm reviewing this treatment after completely finishing all of the product. Hands down I already want to buy it again, so you'll probably know where this product sits on the BUY or BYE scale. This product really left my hair feeling nourished and soft without that feeling of product being left on my hair. Since my hair was bleached on the ends only I focused this product on the ends of my hair and used my normal hair conditioner higher up on my hair towards my roots. I can't remember how many uses I got out of the product exactly, a little really can go a long way - yet at the same time if I wanted to excessively nourish my hair, I would dampen my hair before washing it, smoothing this conditioner throughout wrap my hair up in cling film (only because a. it keeps the heat in and b. it protects my surroundings from conditioner) leave it for a little while - maybe wear a face mask, then wash it all out and continue with my usual hair care routine. That pre nourishment makes washing my hair feel even glossier, shampoo becomes more sudsy and the conditoner at the end feels even more nourishing than ever!

So BUY or BYE?

100% Buy - can't get my hands on this stuff any quicker!
Have you ever used anything from Bleach London?

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