BUY or BYE? Bleach London Reincarnation Mask


I for one haven't been the kindest to my hair in the past. I've been blonde, black, red, purple, orange, yellow (the last two weren't by choice AH) to name a few.. Did I ever mention i'm naturally a brunette? My biggest mistake has probably been me letting myself dye my own hair with box dyes, girl let the professionals do it!

My current hair situation is natural but bleached on the ends. Due to my hair mistakes in the past I understand that I need to look after my hair to maintain its best condition possible, I guess by going blonde I need to make sure that toning is involved too. You might have noticed on my blog in the past that i'm a big fan of hair care treatments - there's plenty I've been curious to try!

I've been familiar with Bleach London for a while now, I used to admire what they would post on social media with all these different hair colours and looks! When they started to stock themselves in Boots I was even more fascinated that I could potentially recreate those colours myself! Kate - remember what we said about colouring your hair yourself!) They also stocked this product. The Reincarnation Mask suitable for bleached or dyed hair. With a retail price of £6 I thought its really not a bad buy for what the product is promising.

So i'm reviewing this treatment after completely finishing all of the product. Hands down I already want to buy it again, so you'll probably know where this product sits on the BUY or BYE scale. This product really left my hair feeling nourished and soft without that feeling of product being left on my hair. Since my hair was bleached on the ends only I focused this product on the ends of my hair and used my normal hair conditioner higher up on my hair towards my roots. I can't remember how many uses I got out of the product exactly, a little really can go a long way - yet at the same time if I wanted to excessively nourish my hair, I would dampen my hair before washing it, smoothing this conditioner throughout wrap my hair up in cling film (only because a. it keeps the heat in and b. it protects my surroundings from conditioner) leave it for a little while - maybe wear a face mask, then wash it all out and continue with my usual hair care routine. That pre nourishment makes washing my hair feel even glossier, shampoo becomes more sudsy and the conditoner at the end feels even more nourishing than ever!

So BUY or BYE?

100% Buy - can't get my hands on this stuff any quicker!
Have you ever used anything from Bleach London?

Finally, a Morphe Brushes splurge


If you're interested in makeup, i'd be surprised if you haven't heard of Morphe Brushes. Especially if you browse makeup inspiration over on Instagram. Be it that you know them for their fantastically priced makeup brushes or their amazing in demand eyeshadow palettes - they come across as great quality for the price you pay. Since Morphe Brushes isn't easily available in the UK, relying on reviews and recommendations over the internet is quite key. 

Without wanting to pay any ridiculous shipping costs or custom duty fee's if you're planning on ordering this, I would recommend the place I made my order from. Beauty Bay - Click here. There's also free delivery options when you spend over £15 - hehe

With much excitement I ordered: (All varying in prices from £2.50 upwards)

M139 - Tapered Crease Blender
M524 - Medium Shadow Fluff
M316 - Flat Crease 
M322 - Large Pointed Crease
M151 - Small Chisel Fluff
M495 - Duo Deluxe Fan

My first impression? These feel like an amazing quality considering that at least one of these brushes have a retail value of £2.50. All of the eyeshadow brushes are lightweight which would be great for taking them with you on your travels. I washed all of the brushes before using any of them (as you should do before using any new makeup brush - calm your anticipation down - you need to make sure those brushes are clean!) I found after the brushes had been cleaned for the first time a couple of brushes lost a very minimal amount of bristles - this sometimes happens with any brush you could purchase. other than that they all dried and kept their shape really well!

Now for the more colourful part of this blog haul... 

I ordered the 12P Picasso eyeshadow palette, a beautifully bright palette which I couldn't wait to get my hands on and make some looks with! With 12 different shades there is certainly numerous electrifying looks you could make on all different levels of wear-ability. As you can see by my random swatches, with a casual swipe on the back of my hand you can see how strong the pigments are. Add an eyeshadow primer and some good brushes they'll stand bold and greatly blended. 

For my first ever makeup haul from Morphe Brushes, i'm so pleasently impressed and i'm glad to say everything has matched my expectations. Now to refrain from splurging out on more Morphe products so soon! I'm thinking my next palette will have to be from the 35 palette range! I'm already in love!

Tili ~ The Beauty Box


Don't we all love a beauty box surprise?! Even better when you're treated to a Tili Beauty Box for your birthday! Admittedly I never knew QVC stocked beauty boxes but i'm pleasantly surprised for what Tili has to offer!

The contents of the box aside, can I just say how i'm a sucker for a nice box? It's a pretty baby blue with a pink band around the center. I'm sure i'll make use for it somewhere else! But back to the products...


Vita Liberata Phenomenal Mousse with mini mitt - "Hitting the beauty world by storm, this fast-drying self-tanning mousse lasts up to two - three weeks, giving a natural-looking bronzed glow."

Essie Nail Polish in Ballet Slippers - "This bestselling, classic sheer pink shade is part of the salon professional range, with an innovative brush and formula that allows for maximum coverage."

Alpha H Liquid Gold - "Known in the beauty industry as the 'overnight facial', this potent overnight treatment exfoliates tired and dull skin to reveal a brightened complexion."

Elemis Smart Cleanse Micellar Water - "This brand new clarifying Micellar Water lifts impurities from the skin to leave your complexion looking radiant and feeling refreshed."

Nexxus Nutritive Shampoo - "Enriched with an innovative caviar complex, this hydrating shampoo gives dry hair a thorough cleanse while delivering moisture back to your hair from root to tip."

Nexxus Nutritive Conditioner - "Give your hair some major TLC with this restorative conditioner - it helps to maintain your hair's natural protective barrier to leave it feeling balanced and flexible."

Bareminerals Skinlongevity Vital Power Infusion - "Want glowing, healthy-looking skin? Look no further than this hybrid serum with an incredibly lightweight texture and packed with high-performance ingredients."

Becca Backlight Priming Filter - "This primer creates an illuminating, 'lit-from-within' glow, with weightless coverage that blurs the appearance of imperfections and creates a flawless, dewy canvas."

*Descriptions taken from - Tili Content

I've managed to try most of these products out of the box at the time of writing this post. Some stand-out faves of mine are the Alpha H Liquid Gold, Becca Backlight Priming Filter and the Elemis Smart Cleanse Micellar Water. I can't wait to sample the others!

Have you purchased any beauty boxes lately? 

Is blogging all that it's cracked up to be?


I've been pondering over the idea of actually writing this post for a little while. I was scrolling through Twitter and just to happened to have an account I follow retweet a particular blogger's link about "The Ugly Side Of Blogging" (Click here to read) it's written by Oliva. Just simply by it's title I was interested and wanted to read it. Is there really an ugly side to blogging? I mean, I go through peaks and troughs of actually thinking my blog is 'beautiful' from time to time, but can blogging really get ugly? I really do suggest you read her blog post about this, you might then understand where this particular post is coming from.

I'm never someone who wants to put a negative downer on any situation. I mean, I even have people tell me I smile too much, why am I laughing, how do I seem positive all the time. Eek, i'm not, but it's the way I want to look out on everything in the world if it's possible. I always want to see my blog as something that I can express myself in quite happily, I want everyone to be able to see my bubbly personality and be able to read my blog posts as if i'm actually there, talking to you with a cup of coffee in our hands. But to the point of this post..

I originally made this blog a little while back, happily posting away on products I loved, things I had purchased, places I had been - you know typical bits and bobs some blogs post about! I'm guessing i'm not the only one that has experienced a time in their blogs life when they feel pretty alone on the internet (yes that seems like a hard thing to comprehend for something like the internet). There has been times in which it feels I post something and it gets over-looked fairly quick. After a little time of feeling this way, I questioned myself - does anyone really care for my blog? There's so many out there, why would someone want to read mine. Without wanting to admit it to myself, thoughts like that lead my blog to go onto a hiatus (which at the time it felt indefinite).

I'd look at other bloggers with their blogs, instagram and twitter accounts etc and admire how their presence had so much interaction with others that expressed and shared the same interest as them. Acknowledging the fact my blog was beginning to collect cobwebs I would wonder what I was doing wrong? There must have been something I was doing wrong. Were the photos I had been taking for my blog right? Was there a right way to take my photos? Did I need to purchase small props and backgrounds to make the photos to a better blogging standard - if that even is such a thing? Was my camera to a high enough spec? Could people even tell this from a single photo? I know there isn't a right or wrong way as such, everyone entitled to express themselves in whatever way they wish. But I couldn't help to have this bitter taste in my mouth.

There was one evening, it was in a pub near Kings Cross train station in London just over a year later from the blog going on hiatus. It involved two of my favourite girls, a few bottles of wine between us and quite a pep-talk. Taking the two of them out of the picture in that blog audience scenario, they reminded me there is at LEAST 1 person out there that will read that blog posts. My blog wasn't pointless, unnecessary, or not good enough. With a slightly drunken promise followed by ending the night by hugging it out between us, I went home, got some sleep and the following morning I brushed off the cobwebs that suffocated my blog.

I repurchased it's domain, I gave the blog a makeover, I gave it the time and dedication it deserved. I've learnt a few things since picking it back up again. I really hope this reassures anyone in the same position as I've felt, that you blogging and expressing your interests etc isn't a waste of time. There will be someone out there that reads what you write. Be it that you have less than 100 subscribers/followers you shouldn't be made to feel like you'll forever sit in the shadows. Or perhaps you have 1,000's or even 50,000+ it doesn't matter how big those numbers are at the end of the day. Blogging creates a community, that community should support one another otherwise everything will just simply crumble and blogging might cease to exist as something we all wished it to be.

Keep writing about the things you love, the places you visit and tell us your interests. Don't think that the digital content supporting your posts isn't blog-like enough. What is blog-like anyway? I tend to photograph beauty products on the side of my bathroom sink in natural morning light... I want to leave this post on a positive note - regardless of how big or little you are on whatever social media platform, support and interact with everyone around you. You are unique and your blog deserves to be a reflection of you. If all blogs looked the same, we wouldn't admire people for being who they are and that's when we notice that subscribe/follower count dropping.
*Images from instagram - they are not my own. 

Date night ~ Birthday Edition


So last week my boyfriend and I spent an evening out in London as a planned surprise (on his behalf) for my birthday. As someone that admittedly doesn't venture out to London as much as I'd love to, I know that whenever he happens to plan a trip that way, it'll most likely be to somewhere I've not been before. In this case he took me away for dinner and the cinema. He knows the way to my heart is food (but I wouldn't say no to the occasional beauty treat ;)!)

We went to the Red Dog Saloon in Hoxton Square and dinner (may I say!) was amazing. Both of us hadn't been to this place before so we were eagerly anticipating what the food would be like. I ordered brisket and he ordered ribs. You might be able to tell from the image above that the serving sizes were not on the small side! The atmosphere inside feels pretty lively - a warning if you're looking to dine somewhere that you'll be able to clearly hear a conversation over the table. I wouldn't list the atmosphere as a fault or a negative, I personally think it gives the place character! I guess the only downside to eating at the Red Dog Saloon is that both my boyfriend and I being foodies, we struggled to finish when we really did want more! It would definitely be somewhere I would want to go back to again, another well done Scott! (haha)

To help walk off the sheer amount of food we ate, we took a lovely little walk from the Red Dog Saloon over to the Electric Cinema in Shoreditch. I'm not going to lie, I didn't anticipate a small 1 screen cinema which requires you to walk through what looks like a small restaurant diner, down a flight of stairs and through a seating area. I was expecting something a little more generic and 'business chain' looking like the larger and more familiar cinema companies are. 

The Electric Cinema isn't like any usual cinema I've been to before. Walking into a small room lit up by small lampshades on every other (or so) table, comfortable looking armchairs with a cashmere blanket to assure you really are comfortable during your stay watching the film - very, very cosy. 

Prior to entering the screen, there's a fully licensed bar that serves numerous drinks and food options. I'm not going to lie, we were both a tiny little bit gutted that we were too full from our Red Dog Saloon dinner to sample and enjoy the food that the Electric Cinema could offer. Perhaps more the reason to head back there again? eh? 

Whether you have read the reviews or not on Suicide Squad, it's definitely worth a watch. I won't go into much detail about the movie - I would hate to blurt out any spoilers for you - but Margot Robbie did a great job as Harley Quinn, right Mr J? 

Grunge? Delicate? Retro? There's a choker for that.


Over the course of Spring/Summer, it seems like chokers made their come back. This time rather than being the typical 'tattoo' choker that swamped the 90's, fashion trends have warped and shaken up the choker, bringing us new trends and looks with assistance of the choker. 

You could probably wear a thin velvet choker and rock it with near enough any dressed up outfit to give it a retro feel. There's something simple about the velvet choker, allowing the texture of the item to be the main focus. 

Either purchase a layered choker like this from NastyGal, or simply rock a few of your own pieces to build up that layered look! Layered chokers are best worn with outfits that aren't already craving too much attention, avoid patterns and busy pieces around the chest and neckline,

Grunge has always been a favourite of mine in terms of clothing. Those of you that know me, you'll know I'm a sucker for gun-metal grey spikes and studs on either boots or clothing! I'm really liking these grunge chains and chokers that are currently in trend right now, the darker the silver, the grungier the accessory ;)

Varying from shapes, letters and other embellishments. The 90's trend choker seems to have an alternative theme. Typically black and silver. Add it with some space buns in your hair and a slogan-tee, you'll fit right back into the 90's. 

Delicate chokers are definitely the 'girlier' option if you're wanting to rock the choker look. Simple thin chains, a pretty embellishment without anything too over the top or complicated. This one from river island you could pair up with a low cut black jumpsuit or perhaps a plain black t-shirt to bring out the black in the stone. 

I have also seen on the streets or especially in fashion articles people opting to wear bandanas around their neck in a choker-like fashion, you don't need to limit yourself to a typical jewellery piece.

BUY or BYE? Dove Intensive Care Conditioner


I don't know about you, but I haven't been the kindest to my hair in the past. I'm always looking for conditioning treatments that'll help to restore my hair's dehydrated and damaged state. You might have seen some of my previous hair care posts in the past that feature other conditioning treatments - I don't think i'll ever really stop looking since some brands release some really good products.

Back in the past before my blog went on a hiatus, I had written a blog post about Dove's hair care therapy. I believe this intensive care conditioner is the face lift of that original product. Back to this product though...

I picked up this conditioning treatment in my local Boots store on offer for around £3 I believe? It's a thick consistency which makes your hair feel like it's really being nourished whilst you're in the process of washing your hair. Usually I would focus the product on the ends of my hair. Depending on your own hair type, you might find that the product could potentially make your roots feel greasy if you don't happen to wash the product out enough. Saying that though, I've not encountered this issue myself though! I really think this product is great value for money! I used the product every time I washed my hair - since the product does claim it could be used on a daily basis.

So BUY or BYE?

Hands down, I would purchase this product again. I'd also really recommend it to anyone wanting to give their hair some nourishment. Depending on what your own hair needs are, Dove do seem to have a range of products suitable for different hair types - it all gets better when Drugstores have them on offer too!

My MAC Lipstick collection


Ever since I would walk past makeup counters, i've always been obsessed with browsing the MAC makeup counter - but specifically the lipsticks. So here is a little brief post with swatches of the lipstick collection I have from MAC. I still have others on my wishlist, I also know that I'll always be drawn into those counters - regardless how many lipsticks i'll have ended up buying.

** EDIT ** Since uploading this post I've noticed that I forgot to get a close up swatch of Russian Red! A gorgeous Matte red signature colour. 

A few faves of my little collection are:- New York Apple, Frou, Midimauve, Viva Glam II and Russian Red. Do you have a favourite MAC lipstick? 

My top 5 apps right now


1. VSCO - Photography & Photo Editing -  I discovered this app a little while back via Instagram. Oh the wonder of hashtags and curiosity! Its a free app to download with in-app purchases if you feel it's necessary to expand the content you have on there already. This app's main purpose is to edit amateur photography in a mobile manner, with numerous filters and photo tweaking effects you can get your hands on. 

2. Fitbit - Health & Fitness - Over a week or so ago, I decided to buy myself a Fitbit after eyeing them up for months on end but feeling ever so indecisive over which model is best suited for my needs. (For those that want to know which one I got - Fitbit Charge HR. I'm really loving the app. It feels like its full of encouragement rather than over analysing your every move and bite you eat. It'll help track your fitness, sleeping patterns, and hydration. It's free to download but you will require a Fitbit device to be able to use the app itself. 

3. Flickr  - Photography - I've had the Flickr app since I can ever remember on a smartphone device. Flickr is a website community in which photographers of all skill levels are able to display their work in an online portfolio. The app just creates an ease off access through a mobile device. I myself have a Flickr account - click this link here to view my work. I'm in the process of purchasing a new DSLR camera in the upcoming weeks/months so i'll be uploading new content soon after! 

4. Dojo - I was only introduced to this app a matter of days ago. To be honest, beforehand I never knew it was a thing! I was asking my colleague of any recommendations of bars/places in London. She showed me this app - there's so many options to select from! I can't wait to use this for my next London trip.

5. Jetfit - Once again another app I've recently been introduced to but i'm loving already! If you're ever stuck for workout plans for muscle areas or simply bored of your own exercise routine - this app has it for you! If you wanted to workout at home or in the gym, there is a large selection of images with demonstrations to assist you too. 

So my local Boots now stocks NYX Cosmetics.. this happened..


Well, if you haven't heard of NYX Cosmetics - where have you been? I'm only kidding, but you seriously need to either jump online or venture over to your local Boots store and have a sneaky peak to see if they have it in stock there. I've previously purchased any of my current NYX products through online websites like Boots, FeelUnique and even ASOS, i'm so happy I can now swatch products before I buy!

I made two trips to boots, so to clarify this wasn't all purchased in one hit! I just thought I would include all my new pieces together for a blog post!

NYX Studio Finishing Powder - Translucent Finish £8
NYX High Definition Primer £12
NYX Hot Singles Eye Shadow £3.50 In the shades Coquette & Chandelier.
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil £5 In the shade Cottage Cheese.
NYX Liquid Suede Cream £6.50 In the shades Stone Fox, Soft Spoken and Cherry Skies.
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream £5.50 In the shade London.
NYX Sculpt and Highlight face duo £9 In the shade Light.

It's crazy to think that it's only been in my local Boots for a matter of a couple of weeks now. I wouldn't be surprised in the space of me writing this blog post and the post going live to everyone, I might have purchased a little more! Oops! Don't hold me to it though!

Have you purchased any NYX Cosmetics recently?

Instagram ~ July


Numbered from top left to right, middle row,  then bottom row.
1. So at the beginning of July I went o family wedding. After a few glasses of wine and soon after discovering that there was a photobooth whilst the music was playing and people were dancing, I took the opputunity to get some snaps with my boyfriend ♥

2. Two things I feel like I always need! Coffee and concealer. Although for the last month or so I've tried cutting down the amount of coffee/caffeine I have to the smallest amount - all in aid to improve my sleeping patterns and feel better during the day whilst at work etc. Concealer is always a must for me!

3. A little snap of the makeup products on my face that I tend to use daily. A mixture between Benefit, Nyx Cosmetics, Mac, Soap and Glory and Collection!

4. I went to Wireless festival this year with one of my best friends. Headlining was Chase and Status - I love them - knew it was going to be insane to see - just.. ah! Such fun memories ♫

5. Yes, I've downloaded Pokemon Go... Haters of the game - step back! ahaha. I honestly haven't played it that much to be honest. I love the idea of the game, getting people out of the house, meeting up with friends to catch Pokemon! Also who doesn't love Eevee?

6. I got a hair cut! I probably had 3 or 4 inches cut off, no regrets though, it feels so healthy and soft! I find that because my hair is pretty thick and the longer it gets, it's a real job to style it nicely other than just leaving it natural or tying it up in a messy bun!

7. So July was the mark of me purchasing my first ever Sigma makeup brushes. I love them! how have I not splurged my money on them before. I purchased the Most Wanted Set. You can see my blog post about them here - Click this link!

8. Who doesn't love the urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette? Its one of those palettes that if you don't already have it - you need it! I definitely swoon over mine from time to time.

9. Finally! My local Boots store now stocks Nyx Cosmetics makeup! No more ordering online and hoping that the colours match up! What else is there to do upon discovery by spending some payday money on some new pieces! ps. I love the Stone Fox liquid suede! 
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