Youtuber's i'm loving right now! ft Sammi Maria (Beauty Crush)


I remember subscribing to the BeautyCrush Youtube channel (now renamed) a few years ago - I've been hooked ever since! Samantha posts a variety of videos such like 'ways to wear' styling videos, easy to wear makeup looks and she also happily introduces us into her life!

There's something infectious about her laugh in her videos, I find myself smiling or laughing along with her. Her videos have a professional yet laid back approach to them, which feel incredibly inviting to watch. She has two channels on Youtube - Her main channel (click here)  and her vlog channel too (click here) . On top of that, not only does she have a blog, she has her own fashion brand called Novem & Knight  (which may I say, I adore some of the pieces on there too! I think you would too especially if you love monochrome right now!).

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