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If you know what i'm like when it comes to mascaras, you'll know that I can be a bit of a mascara snob. I have some trusty favourites which I find it hard to branch out from. Yet at the same time I always have a little curiosity backed up with high expectations. I've really been trying to branch out to other mascaras that I haven't tried before. You can see a post here and here from a couple I've tried in the last few months.  

Whilst on a bit of a 'mooch' in my local Boots store I came across this mascara. GASP the last three mascaras I've been using have been the standard looking bristles?! Considering I definitely prefer plastic bristles on my mascara wands, I feel it gives a less clumpy application. The only thing that's a little daunting I guess with this product is the size of the mascara wand. It seems so much bigger than any other mascara product I've used! When I first began using it I found the actual product itself was great, it held my lashes, could be a build-able voluminous product. Yet due to the sheer size of the wand, I found that I would accidentally knock the bristles against my eyelid, then leaving mascara dots that need cleaning up. It's a bit of a pain if it happens after I've done my eyeshadow, but I think it's a habit that I can knock with practice. Have any of you guys got any tips on how to avoid this from happening?

So far from my experience with this product I would really recommend it! It was just under £10 and cool packaging aside (which is what you would expect from Soap and Glory) the formula itself feels manageable and build-able if needed. Have you used this before?

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