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Numbered from top left to right, middle row,  then bottom row.

1. It's not until I finished editing this image for this post, I realised that the first image on here is actually on my last Instagram catch up post! oops! I was having a really good hair day (at least that's what I felt at least!) So why not snap a photo for insta! ;)

2. Admittedly I found this snap on Instagram, so I decided to regram because I really liked this quote from Gigi Hadid. I find healthy inspirational quotes keep me going when i'm trying to stay motivated in eating healthy and exercising. Stay sane, allow yourself a cheat day once in a while!

3. Oh my gosh! Last month I was having some real trouble with my skin! I was in the process of changing over prescriptions and my skin just hated it all at first. I purchased some trusty products from the Bodyshop from their tea tree range to help keep my breakouts at bay. 

4. I'm so proud of my boyfriend, he got his uni results and hes very happy with them - which makes me so so happy too! 

5. So for Crimbo 2015 my boyfriend got me a special effects kit. I couldn't wait to try out the products that came with it! Yes I hear ya, it's been 6 months... I don't know where the time has gone!? I wanted to practise with a specific product in the kit called rigid collodion to help me create the 'broken porcelain doll' look I was aiming to achieve.

6. Ah Charlie - who doesn't love snapping a photo of their cat for instagram? #catsofinstagram 

7 & 8. This month I had a rather exciting trip to Ipswich to see one of my best gals for a weekend. With a spot of shopping, plenty of drinks and relaxing views from her balcony either past midnight with drinks and music or blankets and mugs of tea first thing in the morning with a lovely view of boating docks. What a fun weekend!

9. I recently went to a family wedding and they had a fun photobooth type machine at the evening party. Why not snap up the oppurtunity (no pun intended!) for a few photos with my boyfriend (plus other family members during the night too!)

How was June for you? 

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