Getting the LVL lash treament


I'm not going to lie, i'm fully aware of how my photos for this post could do with being a much better quality.. BUT I really struggled to take photos of my eyes without unintentionally pulling such a derp face in every single photo. Who knew this would be such a struggle?!

So what is LVL?
For those of you that might not actually know what an LVL treatment actually is, it's a treatment for your eyelashes to add length volume and lift to your natural eyelashes without the added effect of individual eyelash extensions.

One of the girls I work with actually had this done herself for her holiday, as soon as she sent me a snap of her lashes, I knew I needed to get this done myself. I consider my eyelashes to be pretty average. Not super long, not super straight, but they were definitely uneven throughout. It definitely doesn't help that I've accidentally ripped out almost all of my eyelashes on my left eye with a mishap with an eyelash curler in the past about 4/5 years ago - I noticed my eyelashes have never been the same since. (ah such a painful memory!) To this day I refuse to use eyelash curlers.

I've also tried those false individual eyelash extensions, which honestly look beautiful. They are a little pricier to have than the LVL treatment but if you're happy to keep them maintained with the reasonably high level of upkeep then I do recommend them. After discovering LVL, it's definitely the way forward for me.

The process of LVL is pretty straightforward and relaxing. You do require a patch test, some would say that is an inconvenience but for your own safety considering this is your eyes we're talking about here! With relaxing eye mask pads to make the treatment feel more comfortable, the process begins with perming the upper eyelashes to give them that lovely natural curl we all seem to want! After that your eyelashes are tinted dark. This is actually wonderful for wanting bare faced days but still looking awake and well!

I'm actually in love with how the treatment turned out! It's given me a lot more confidence for my face to be bare too! Depending on where you go, the price might vary. This treatment cost me £30 and will last 6-8 weeks. Without a doubt i'll be going back to have them done on each top up I need!

I've included a couple of photos below, the top image is my normal eyelashes with my normal coat of mascara - I currently use the Soap and Glory Thick and Fast mascara. the bottom image is my eyelashes without any product on them after getting the LVL treatment done. Finally the very top image is after my LVL treatment with a typical makeup routine I do for day to day makeup. (excuse the bags under my eyes!)

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