A trip to Ipswich!


Jess, myself and Roma.
So at the end of June, myself and my best friend Jess got the train to Ipswich to visit my other best friend in our little trio Roma! It's crazy, I always understood that as we grow up, people you were friends with in school take their own paths, your path might fit alongside theirs, or you follow your own. The three of us understand how busy our lives can be.. Living in different places, our jobs, relationships, trying to be adults, etc... We've made a promise though to spend some pretty good time together at least once a month with either the invitation of coffee or wine. 

Visiting Roma in Ipswich was such a fun and lovely getaway to somewhere different. We had lazy mornings, went shopping, made homemade pizza, played Cards Against Humanity, found cute afternoon tea cafe's etc! Not forgetting the peaceful morning views on Roma's balcony with blankets and mugs of tea. All documented on snapchat of course, but that's for our eyes only ;)!

I love these girls to pieces and i'll always be excited for the future plans to come ♥

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