Joico K-PAK ~ a product review


So a little while back I had the pleasure of having this product sent to me to review. I'm definitely the kind of person that thinks hair treatments and serums are an absolute must in keeping hair feeling soft and healthy (plus it leaves that little extra longer in between haircuts!). I've used Joico products previously, my current go-to product other than this being the moisture spray which I use on my damp hair. Before receiving this product I had heard of Joico K-PAK - to be honest they all seemed to be really good reviews! When I received it in the post I was more than excited to start trying the product out.

The product should be applied to towel dried hair, focusing on the mid-lengths but mainly ends. After that, style as usual. Before writing this review I wanted to give this product the real review, so I've been using this for the last couple of months. For those that don't know, my hair is naturally thick, wavy/curly, and dark brown. Back in February I had my hair bleached for an ombre effect - maintaining the quality of my hair after it being bleached felt more important than ever. 

My hair does feel noticeably different when I use this product, the ends feel silkier and stronger. I'm incredibly impressed with how long this product has lasted me too. Since I was always applying the product over my mid-lengths too, I found that when I recently got my hair cut, my hair feels in a great condition, silky and soft with no split ends! Admittedly I did have a good few inches cut off of my hair, but the bleached areas that remain feel great!

Once again I want to say this product was sent to me to review. As always, I will always give an honest review regardless if products have been sent to me or if i have purchased them myself. I would like to thank Kelly who kindly sent me this product to try out and review! 

So in summary, I love this product, in the long term it's made my hair feel so healthy! I think I need to explore more of the Joico K-PAK range. You can easily find Joico online on websites like FeelUnique. 

Youtuber's i'm loving right now! ft Sammi Maria (Beauty Crush)


I remember subscribing to the BeautyCrush Youtube channel (now renamed) a few years ago - I've been hooked ever since! Samantha posts a variety of videos such like 'ways to wear' styling videos, easy to wear makeup looks and she also happily introduces us into her life!

There's something infectious about her laugh in her videos, I find myself smiling or laughing along with her. Her videos have a professional yet laid back approach to them, which feel incredibly inviting to watch. She has two channels on Youtube - Her main channel (click here)  and her vlog channel too (click here) . On top of that, not only does she have a blog, she has her own fashion brand called Novem & Knight  (which may I say, I adore some of the pieces on there too! I think you would too especially if you love monochrome right now!).

The Most Wanted brush set


So at the beginning of July I decided to make a purchase online via FeelUnique which involved adding the first ever Sigma makeup brushes I've got my hands on. After seeing what brushes people seemed to rate rather highly on the internet - I picked the 'Most Wanted Brush Set'. The set seemed to have a brush suited to create a full face of makeup which was great!

The set includes: E25 - Blending brush. E30 - Pencil brush. E40 - Tapered Blending brush. F35 - Tapered Highlighter brush. F80 - Flat Kabuki brush.

All of the brushes have a premium feel to the brush hairs. The F80 Kabuki brush is beautifully dense which makes applying liquid foundation easy in terms of buffing the product into the skin evenly. It's now my go-to brush for applying foundation. My other favourite brush out of the selection (which may I say it's hard to pick favourites) is the F35 Tapered highligher brush. At the moment I love using this brush with the highlight powder in the NYX Cosmetics Highlight and Contour Pro Palette. I dab it in the palette and brush over the areas of my face. With this brush a little really does go a long way, I feel like it doesn't waste the product! 

I feel like I can't fault any of these brushes and I find myself browsing the internet wondering what Sigma makeup brushes will I buy next. If you have any recommendations let me know what they are! 

BUY or BYE? eyetreat SPA


I'm a terrible culprit of not sleeping as much as I should do. I wish I was the kind of person that was able to nap at any point, or have the perfect length lie in on my day off. Thanks body-clock (waaaah!) I'm hoping thing will get into line again sometime soon, must.. remain.. optimistic!

I'm always looking for new products that will nourish my eye area to help reduce and minimise dark circles and dehydrated skin. I was wandering around my local Boots store and found myself strolling up and down the isles examining any products that might catch my attention.

I found this product Masque Bar Dark circle reducer eye patches RRP £9.99

The box contains 5 treatments, each treatment has two under-eye patches that are "formulated to diminish the appearance of dark circles, shadows and uneven skin tones under eyes.Sunflower Seed Oil and Vitamins A & E help to make under eye area appear lighter, firmer and softer, increasing skin elasticity." 
Please note i'm definitely wearing a bath towel! 
It's recommended you have clean skin before using this product, you gently peel away each strip from the plastic backing and place under each eye. The instructions recommend you leave the patches on for half an hour. In all honesty I've had a couple of occasions in which I've kept the patches on longer, also the one occasion which I felt like I didn't have the time to keep them on long enough. 

After using these strips I do find my eyes feel certainly refreshed and more hydrated than they would have been without any kind of eye treatment. I don't mind the price of the treatments, I kind of think of it as £2 a pop rather than £10 for a packet - which feels worth it. 

So BUY or BYE?

I think i'd definitely consider purchasing these again in all honesty! I enjoy wearing these and also wearing another type of face mask around them if I really want a pamper treat! Are there any products you really recommend for dark circles?

Getting the LVL lash treament


I'm not going to lie, i'm fully aware of how my photos for this post could do with being a much better quality.. BUT I really struggled to take photos of my eyes without unintentionally pulling such a derp face in every single photo. Who knew this would be such a struggle?!

So what is LVL?
For those of you that might not actually know what an LVL treatment actually is, it's a treatment for your eyelashes to add length volume and lift to your natural eyelashes without the added effect of individual eyelash extensions.

One of the girls I work with actually had this done herself for her holiday, as soon as she sent me a snap of her lashes, I knew I needed to get this done myself. I consider my eyelashes to be pretty average. Not super long, not super straight, but they were definitely uneven throughout. It definitely doesn't help that I've accidentally ripped out almost all of my eyelashes on my left eye with a mishap with an eyelash curler in the past about 4/5 years ago - I noticed my eyelashes have never been the same since. (ah such a painful memory!) To this day I refuse to use eyelash curlers.

I've also tried those false individual eyelash extensions, which honestly look beautiful. They are a little pricier to have than the LVL treatment but if you're happy to keep them maintained with the reasonably high level of upkeep then I do recommend them. After discovering LVL, it's definitely the way forward for me.

The process of LVL is pretty straightforward and relaxing. You do require a patch test, some would say that is an inconvenience but for your own safety considering this is your eyes we're talking about here! With relaxing eye mask pads to make the treatment feel more comfortable, the process begins with perming the upper eyelashes to give them that lovely natural curl we all seem to want! After that your eyelashes are tinted dark. This is actually wonderful for wanting bare faced days but still looking awake and well!

I'm actually in love with how the treatment turned out! It's given me a lot more confidence for my face to be bare too! Depending on where you go, the price might vary. This treatment cost me £30 and will last 6-8 weeks. Without a doubt i'll be going back to have them done on each top up I need!

I've included a couple of photos below, the top image is my normal eyelashes with my normal coat of mascara - I currently use the Soap and Glory Thick and Fast mascara. the bottom image is my eyelashes without any product on them after getting the LVL treatment done. Finally the very top image is after my LVL treatment with a typical makeup routine I do for day to day makeup. (excuse the bags under my eyes!)

Instagram ~ June


Numbered from top left to right, middle row,  then bottom row.

1. It's not until I finished editing this image for this post, I realised that the first image on here is actually on my last Instagram catch up post! oops! I was having a really good hair day (at least that's what I felt at least!) So why not snap a photo for insta! ;)

2. Admittedly I found this snap on Instagram, so I decided to regram because I really liked this quote from Gigi Hadid. I find healthy inspirational quotes keep me going when i'm trying to stay motivated in eating healthy and exercising. Stay sane, allow yourself a cheat day once in a while!

3. Oh my gosh! Last month I was having some real trouble with my skin! I was in the process of changing over prescriptions and my skin just hated it all at first. I purchased some trusty products from the Bodyshop from their tea tree range to help keep my breakouts at bay. 

4. I'm so proud of my boyfriend, he got his uni results and hes very happy with them - which makes me so so happy too! 

5. So for Crimbo 2015 my boyfriend got me a special effects kit. I couldn't wait to try out the products that came with it! Yes I hear ya, it's been 6 months... I don't know where the time has gone!? I wanted to practise with a specific product in the kit called rigid collodion to help me create the 'broken porcelain doll' look I was aiming to achieve.

6. Ah Charlie - who doesn't love snapping a photo of their cat for instagram? #catsofinstagram 

7 & 8. This month I had a rather exciting trip to Ipswich to see one of my best gals for a weekend. With a spot of shopping, plenty of drinks and relaxing views from her balcony either past midnight with drinks and music or blankets and mugs of tea first thing in the morning with a lovely view of boating docks. What a fun weekend!

9. I recently went to a family wedding and they had a fun photobooth type machine at the evening party. Why not snap up the oppurtunity (no pun intended!) for a few photos with my boyfriend (plus other family members during the night too!)

How was June for you? 

A trip to Ipswich!


Jess, myself and Roma.
So at the end of June, myself and my best friend Jess got the train to Ipswich to visit my other best friend in our little trio Roma! It's crazy, I always understood that as we grow up, people you were friends with in school take their own paths, your path might fit alongside theirs, or you follow your own. The three of us understand how busy our lives can be.. Living in different places, our jobs, relationships, trying to be adults, etc... We've made a promise though to spend some pretty good time together at least once a month with either the invitation of coffee or wine. 

Visiting Roma in Ipswich was such a fun and lovely getaway to somewhere different. We had lazy mornings, went shopping, made homemade pizza, played Cards Against Humanity, found cute afternoon tea cafe's etc! Not forgetting the peaceful morning views on Roma's balcony with blankets and mugs of tea. All documented on snapchat of course, but that's for our eyes only ;)!

I love these girls to pieces and i'll always be excited for the future plans to come ♥

What's the story Soap & Glory?


If you know what i'm like when it comes to mascaras, you'll know that I can be a bit of a mascara snob. I have some trusty favourites which I find it hard to branch out from. Yet at the same time I always have a little curiosity backed up with high expectations. I've really been trying to branch out to other mascaras that I haven't tried before. You can see a post here and here from a couple I've tried in the last few months.  

Whilst on a bit of a 'mooch' in my local Boots store I came across this mascara. GASP the last three mascaras I've been using have been the standard looking bristles?! Considering I definitely prefer plastic bristles on my mascara wands, I feel it gives a less clumpy application. The only thing that's a little daunting I guess with this product is the size of the mascara wand. It seems so much bigger than any other mascara product I've used! When I first began using it I found the actual product itself was great, it held my lashes, could be a build-able voluminous product. Yet due to the sheer size of the wand, I found that I would accidentally knock the bristles against my eyelid, then leaving mascara dots that need cleaning up. It's a bit of a pain if it happens after I've done my eyeshadow, but I think it's a habit that I can knock with practice. Have any of you guys got any tips on how to avoid this from happening?

So far from my experience with this product I would really recommend it! It was just under £10 and cool packaging aside (which is what you would expect from Soap and Glory) the formula itself feels manageable and build-able if needed. Have you used this before?

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