SEVENTEEN Long Lash Mascara review


I don't know about you, I can definitely be a mascara snob. If a mascara doesn't impress me almost immediately I guess I let my stubborn self dislike it. My ideal application would be a plastic brush with no clumping and overloading on the product - don't get me started if the formula dries out after a week! 

I took to twitter to ask what should be my next drugstore mascara. With an open mind someone suggested to me I should try out SEVENTEEN Long Lash Mascara from Boots. I hadn't used a SEVENTEEN Mascara before, so I felt a little weary. Upon receiving the recommendation. I thought I'd give it a try. 

To start with, it wasn't the plastic brush that I seem to prefer, but I purchased it anyway and wanted to give it an honest attempt at seeing if i'd like this product. I've been using it now for a good few weeks and I have to say, i'm really glad I purchased it! For the mere price of £6.99 I think this product is great! It really does lengthen my lashes without getting too voluminous to the point it looks clumpy. It doesn't transfer to my skin around my lashes but is easy to remove with a normal makeup remover, facial oil or facial soap. I think since i've used it for a few weeks now the product has come into contact with air I can tell that the formula has thickened - hopefully this doesn't mean that the formula is on the brink of drying out soon. 

I think I would contemplate on purchasing this again if my next mascara was going to be a drugstore one again! 

What mascaras do you use? Are you a little picky like me? hahaa let me know in the comments!

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