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I'm one for having a skin care routine. If my skin needs a little more tlc or perhaps a bit of a shake up due to the seasons changing - I try to branch out to different products to help my skin get back into a clear refreshed state. At the start of the month I decided to branch out to The Bodyshop knowing their products have saved and restored my skin in the past. Even better that The Bodyshop were having a massive 40% off!

I love this product, it's probably one of my favourite blemished skin saviours! I've purchased it in the past and I can imagine I would continue purchasing again and again! It's a lovely thick consistency, it doesn't leave your skin feeling dry as the product begins to dry out. 

My main thought when purchasing this was if the scent of the tea tree would feel too over powering considering I would be swiping a cotton pad saturated with this product over my skin since I have sensitive eyes. I can feel it tighten my pores and happily use this without feeling swamped by the strength of this product. 

I haven't used a product like this before. I was hoping to incorporate it into my makeup routine in hope that (like it says on the tin) it minimises my pores before applying my makeup base. I focus on applying it to the center of my face, around my nose, mouth and chin. 

I need to remember that my skin is sensitive in areas. Some day/night creams can be too much for my skin to absorb or leave my skin feeling red. The Bodyshop Aloe range seemed like the range I needed to introduce to my skin care routine. I feel it leaves my skin feeling calm and soft!

Just over a week ago my eyelids had a bit of a reaction to a makeup product I used. It left me with horrifically dry red eyelids that felt so itchy each time I blinked. I tried my best with the eye care products I had, but a couple just sat on the skin of my eyelids rather than nourish it. My eyes have cleared up completely after a few days of using this in the morning and evening. I'm so pleased with how gentle but nourishing this product is!

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