Nails inc Tough Love Nail Strengthening Treatment


"The formula is a blend of natures finest with breakthrough innovation to deliver a formula clinically tested to brighten and smooth dull and damaged nails, while hardening and strengthening the nail bed. The polish toughens your nail while the blend of powerful actives love your nails back. Avocado and kale help promote strength, while a blend of aloe vera, lemon, ginseng, pomegranate & grape to deeply nourish & revitalise, which will in turn promote natural nail growth."

My nails scream for tlc when it comes to any products that help strengthen up. I'm no nail biter but my nails break or split in layers pretty easily. I'm fond of doing gels on my nails, but my nails get to a certain length then break even with the gel manicure on them. I've tried other nail treatments before but nothing was showing me the results to motivate me to continue using it for a while. I stumbled across this Nails inc Tough Love Nail Strengthening Treatment I had some hope that this would make a difference. I purchased it from my local Boots store for £9! 

When I get anxious, I have this nasty little habit of biting the skin around my nails on my fingers. Exhibit A being the image above (I'm sorry!) this leaves the skin around my nails incredibly dry and a shocking support system for my nails as the grow. I usually get splits in my thumb nails on a regular basis due to biting my thumbs more than my other fingers. 

I put two coats of this product on my nails twice a week (removing the old application with nail varnish remover) and I really try my hardest to not bite the skin around my fingers with the assistance of regular applications of hand cream!

So... my verdict? 

The time difference between my first images in this post and then this image is about 10 days. My nails really have grown so well! I'm so incredibly impressed with this product! My nails feel stronger even when doing day to day tasks. I've had the one casualty of one thumb nail splitting and accidentally getting ripped off but I wouldn't blame that down to the formula of the product, it was due to happen at the very early stages - I just held on in there as long as I could and couldn't simply avoid it! 

I would really recommend this treatment for anyone that has soft/split prone nails like myself. For the price of £9 I think it's really not that bad value for the results I get!

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  1. I've just bought this treatment and hoping my nails will look as good as yours did after 10 days! Finger crossed! :-)


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