MAKEUP 101: 5 tips to get the most out of your makeup sponge


Left - dry Real Techniques sponge + Right - damp Real Techniques sponge. 
I guess there's no definitive way of using a makeup sponge, at the end of the day use it how you wish. This post is here to help you get the most out of your makeup sponge/beauty blender/etc! There'll be a day that I splurge out for a Beauty Blender but before that time comes, i'm using (and would happily recommend) the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.  

1. Don't rub your skin with the sponge - stipple/dab! 
What you'll find with using makeup sponges is that for a most even coverage you apply the liquid foundation (for example) in a dabbing motion. You'll actually get more coverage with less product, plus it'll be easier to cover areas around your eyes and blending your jawline. 

2. Dampen your sponge with water.
I've always been told I should dampen my makeup sponges before applying base makeup products with them. When using the sponges dry, you end up using more product because the sponge begins to absorb the liquid upon application. Plus using a damp sponge will leave you with a beautiful dewy finish which is easy to cover with powder for a matte look.

3. Wash your sponges after every use. 
Just like makeup brushes, these tools should be washed regularly. Otherwise the tools simply become homes for bacteria to live in. The thought of applying bacteria to your face on a daily basis is so not ideal! Errr hello breakouts!

4. You CAN actually use a dry makeup sponge.
You see and hear everywhere that you should never use a sponge dry. I personally wouldn't recommend it for base makeup ie: foundation and concealer. But you can actually use a dry makeup sponge to correct mistakes that you make with powdered makeup like bronzer and blush. By using a dry sponge you can actually diffuse the intensity of the power you have just applied. Unlike using liquid products with a dry sponge, the powder wouldn't be absorbed into the sponge. 

5. Use your sponge with a light hand. 
I find makeup sponges are great for really blending in foundation well onto the skin. The best technique i've found is to gently stipple the sponge over the skin. If you are using the sponge too heavy handed you'll find that the blending of the liquid foundation is harder, plus you might be leaving the texture of the sponge on the surface of your skin. 

I hope this helps anyone that might have questions about using makeup sponges! Do you have any tips? Share them with me! 

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