BUY or BYE? John Frieda Beach Blonde


I purchased this product range from my local drugstore a little while ago (I believe it was a 3 for £10 offer that caught my eye!). It's the John Frieda Beach Blonde range. "Infused with peppermint and notes of citrus for a fresh fragrance that evokes nostalgic memories of summer vacations at the beach, while leaving an invigorating and refreshing sensation.". My hairis thick and has a natural curl, so texture creating products such like sea salt spray work well with me. I hadn't seen this range before and considering i've had my hair bleached towards the ends (i'm naturally a dark brunette) I thought this product could help my dried out ends! 

I expected a heavy sea-like scent for this product which would have been disappointing. The balance was just about right, it was quite a refreshing scent! Due to the bottles size, I discovered that I got through the products quicker than anticipated. As you can see I have a small amount of the shampoo left in the bottle! Since I had the three products to hand, I started with a small amount of the Beach Blonde conditioner on the ends, washed all my hair with the shampoo and finally finished with the treatment conditioner. 

Out of all the products the treatment conditioner was by far my favourite! If I was to re-purchase these products, I think the treatment conditioner would be the only product I return to from the Beach Blonde range. I think this range (although suitable for all hair types) would be better off for hair that isn't as thick as my own, due to the weight my hair naturally has, this being the case, I feel the effects of the Bleach Blonde range are withdrawn slightly.

So BUY or BYE?

I'm afraid it's a BYE - although I think this range would be great on a different hair type from my own!

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