I love candles as much as the next person...


... This year it seems like wax melts have really caught my attention. Maybe it's because I don't need to worry about a burning flame in my room? Of course wax melts might not necessarily feel as aesthetically pleasing in comparison to a burning candle in a dimmed lit room, but they're still a great alternative. 

Wax melts come in all sorts of flavours and smells, the great thing is you don't need to continually purchase within one brand either. Wax melts are easily found in home departments of stores, the one I own I purchased from my local ASDA. My preference at the moment is the Yankee Candle Simply Home wax melts which usually retail for £1 or so each. If you haven't heard of Yankee Candles before *yasp* where have you been? 

At the moment I'm really enjoying scents that are sweet smelling. Perhaps it's because Summer is here (even though here in the UK at the moment we see more rain and humidity than anything else right now!) Margarita Party reminds reminds me of a particular scent from a drink I constantly drank on my last holiday to Cuba. Noo, it wasn't a margarita, even though it was the same colour as this wax melt! Pink Grapefruit is one that I've used before too, it's a really refreshing citrus scent without smelling like a cleaning product haha. Finally Sage and White Tea is a new one that I haven't used before and at the time of writing this post I still haven't used it, but i'm eagerly awaiting to do so. This isn't as sweet as the other two wax melts, but its still a pleasing scent! It's not really the scent you expect from something that's labelled as 'tea' - but i'm not complaining. 

Do you use wax melts? I'm interested to discover other branded wax melts too!

Hair treatments? There's OSMO


If you've been here on my blog before, you'll know i'm a biiiiig fan of OSMO hair products. I originally stumbled across the brand when I was browsing the FeelUnique website. I've been so impressed since! Here I have 3 OSMO conditioning hair treatments.

I've previously mentioned this product before on my blog. I absolutely love it! Back around February kind of time, I had the ends of my hair lightened with bleach (i'm naturally a brunette) so keeping the damage at the absolute minimum was key. This was the first inital product I ordered from OSMO. A toning purple treatment conditioner? It was ticking so many boxes how could I not say no?! I've gone though about 3 of these now, I would quite happily repurchase again and again whilst I still have the bleach in my hair! 

I had actually purchased the tube of this a good few month ago once the violet mask had run out. It's almost a thick-butter-like consistency, it feels so nourishing and hydrating when massaging it into the ends of my hair. A little really does go a long way too! I would work this into the ends of my hair then using my in shower Tangle Teezer to brush it through making sure my hair is all evenly covered.
I was very fortunate to have been sent the little pot of hair conditioner from OSMO to try out, but not to their knowledge I actually had the large tube in use at the time! 

As a disclaimer, the tube and purple tub were purchased with my own money, with no influence from OSMO prior to purchasing. This doesn't reflect my actual opinion of the product. From my first use of the violet conditioner, I've been incredibly impressed with their treatment products and I look forward to branching out into products from their other ranges!  

Hello Flawless!


"Our brightening liquid foundation builds from light to medium coverage for a natural complexion you can believe in. It's you...just more luminous & healthy looking."

Finding the right foundation for me is usually something that feels like such a chore. I have pretty fair skin, so finding shades that aren't too pink/orange etc are quite a challenge. I consider myself to have cool toned skin, so anything that is too warm when it comes to foundation won't work for me.

One day with a bare face, I ventured to my local town center and was on a mission to find a suitable liquid foundation. After much walking around I decided that my local Boots store would be my best bet. I approached the Benefit makeup counter and said to the girl I wanted assistance in finding a good foundation for my skin type and tone. With her help, she introduced me to Benefit Hello Flawless foundation. 

As you might guess - i'm in the shade ivory. Benefit seemed to have two different versions of ivory, even in that case, I am the fairer option! What I like about this foundation is that it's light but buildable. When I first started using this at home, I began using it with the Real Techniques buffing brush. This gave me good results, but for someone that doesn't wear a thick base on her face, I felt a little cakey. Instead I switched up the brush for a makeup sponge (you can probably guess right) I like to use the Real Techniques sponge. After dampening the sponge lightly and dabbing and blending the foundation over my face - the coverage and texture becomes just right. Also if I do need to build up the coverage, perhaps around the center of my face, I can do so easily! I follow up with concealer and setting it all with my Mac pro longwear powder. I really recommend this foundation for someone that wants a light/medium coverage! What makeup base products do you recommend? 

Nails inc Tough Love Nail Strengthening Treatment


"The formula is a blend of natures finest with breakthrough innovation to deliver a formula clinically tested to brighten and smooth dull and damaged nails, while hardening and strengthening the nail bed. The polish toughens your nail while the blend of powerful actives love your nails back. Avocado and kale help promote strength, while a blend of aloe vera, lemon, ginseng, pomegranate & grape to deeply nourish & revitalise, which will in turn promote natural nail growth."

My nails scream for tlc when it comes to any products that help strengthen up. I'm no nail biter but my nails break or split in layers pretty easily. I'm fond of doing gels on my nails, but my nails get to a certain length then break even with the gel manicure on them. I've tried other nail treatments before but nothing was showing me the results to motivate me to continue using it for a while. I stumbled across this Nails inc Tough Love Nail Strengthening Treatment I had some hope that this would make a difference. I purchased it from my local Boots store for £9! 

When I get anxious, I have this nasty little habit of biting the skin around my nails on my fingers. Exhibit A being the image above (I'm sorry!) this leaves the skin around my nails incredibly dry and a shocking support system for my nails as the grow. I usually get splits in my thumb nails on a regular basis due to biting my thumbs more than my other fingers. 

I put two coats of this product on my nails twice a week (removing the old application with nail varnish remover) and I really try my hardest to not bite the skin around my fingers with the assistance of regular applications of hand cream!

So... my verdict? 

The time difference between my first images in this post and then this image is about 10 days. My nails really have grown so well! I'm so incredibly impressed with this product! My nails feel stronger even when doing day to day tasks. I've had the one casualty of one thumb nail splitting and accidentally getting ripped off but I wouldn't blame that down to the formula of the product, it was due to happen at the very early stages - I just held on in there as long as I could and couldn't simply avoid it! 

I would really recommend this treatment for anyone that has soft/split prone nails like myself. For the price of £9 I think it's really not that bad value for the results I get!

Youtubers i'm loving right now ft Glam and Gore


I have been a fan of Mykie (otherwise known from the Youtube account Glam and Gore - click here) for over a year and a half. I LOVED her videos in her early days, they've become better and stronger with each one she posts. She won the Nyx Face Awards 2015 and every video was just incredible to watch! 

Her humor is great and she makes every video she produces just so much fun as well as being informative to a makeup tutorial or a special effects tutorial. Ps her dog Ripley is so cute! Her videos have even inspired me in the past to practice special effects makeup on more of a beginners level - I'd like to think in the future my skills would improve and my creativity can flourish!

BUY or BYE? John Frieda Beach Blonde


I purchased this product range from my local drugstore a little while ago (I believe it was a 3 for £10 offer that caught my eye!). It's the John Frieda Beach Blonde range. "Infused with peppermint and notes of citrus for a fresh fragrance that evokes nostalgic memories of summer vacations at the beach, while leaving an invigorating and refreshing sensation.". My hairis thick and has a natural curl, so texture creating products such like sea salt spray work well with me. I hadn't seen this range before and considering i've had my hair bleached towards the ends (i'm naturally a dark brunette) I thought this product could help my dried out ends! 

I expected a heavy sea-like scent for this product which would have been disappointing. The balance was just about right, it was quite a refreshing scent! Due to the bottles size, I discovered that I got through the products quicker than anticipated. As you can see I have a small amount of the shampoo left in the bottle! Since I had the three products to hand, I started with a small amount of the Beach Blonde conditioner on the ends, washed all my hair with the shampoo and finally finished with the treatment conditioner. 

Out of all the products the treatment conditioner was by far my favourite! If I was to re-purchase these products, I think the treatment conditioner would be the only product I return to from the Beach Blonde range. I think this range (although suitable for all hair types) would be better off for hair that isn't as thick as my own, due to the weight my hair naturally has, this being the case, I feel the effects of the Bleach Blonde range are withdrawn slightly.

So BUY or BYE?

I'm afraid it's a BYE - although I think this range would be great on a different hair type from my own!

Instagram ~ May


Numbered from top left to right, middle row,  then bottom row.
1. This was a throwback insta-post - I'm having some ridiculous holiday blues! This photo was taken by myself from my last holiday to Cuba. You can see more of the photos of Cuba by clicking here to see them on my Flickr account! 

2. If you live in the UK, you'll know that when the weather is warm and sunny, it's all about BBQ's and making the most of the weather whilst we have it! We seem to experience every seasonal weather option within one week sometimes! haha!

3. This was part of the Women's Get Into Golf campaign that I took part in through work. I must say, after a few practice lessons and taking part in the tournament I think my interest in golf has certainly grown! I'd love to start investing more time in golf and taking it up in my spare time.

4. Who doesn't love being surprised with roses?! My boyfriend and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary last month in May. I don't go into the lovey dovey stuff though! hahaa!

5. So my competition on my blog ended last month! Thank you to everyone who took part and helped to promote my blog and the competition itself - featuring The Aurora Night Roller

6. How often do you really clean your makeup brushes eh? I like to use the Real Techniques cleansing gel and palette.

7 & 8. My boyfriend's family and I went to a 1920's themed party which was a lot of fun to dress up for!

9. After receiving notifications from Facebook telling me that I should consider updating my profile picture I thought - hey, why not? I obviously had to throw it onto the Instagram too!

What did you get up to in May?

Spring fashion trends i've been loving


I've really been looking forward into expanding my wardrobe into these spring trends. Micro pleating is something that has certainly caught my eye! Micro pleating looks great on trousers and midi skirts and gives a cute and fresh look to the spring/summer - give it the extra girly touch by wearing micro pleating in soft pastel colours or metallics. Sequins can give any outfit that glam look especially when you're taking your outfit from day to night. Why not make it your statement piece? You really can't go wrong with stripes in the spring. The typical nautical navy and white stripes seems to make a return every year. I've noticed this year clothing isn't going over the top with colours and stripes, bold but not overwhelming seems to be the look! Finally mesh - I find depending on the mesh outfit choice, it can give a trendy sporty feel to your outfit - mesh bodysuits with an undergarment other than simply a bra look great too!

What spring trends have you been loving?

One brand skin care haul! ft The Bodyshop


I'm one for having a skin care routine. If my skin needs a little more tlc or perhaps a bit of a shake up due to the seasons changing - I try to branch out to different products to help my skin get back into a clear refreshed state. At the start of the month I decided to branch out to The Bodyshop knowing their products have saved and restored my skin in the past. Even better that The Bodyshop were having a massive 40% off!

I love this product, it's probably one of my favourite blemished skin saviours! I've purchased it in the past and I can imagine I would continue purchasing again and again! It's a lovely thick consistency, it doesn't leave your skin feeling dry as the product begins to dry out. 

My main thought when purchasing this was if the scent of the tea tree would feel too over powering considering I would be swiping a cotton pad saturated with this product over my skin since I have sensitive eyes. I can feel it tighten my pores and happily use this without feeling swamped by the strength of this product. 

I haven't used a product like this before. I was hoping to incorporate it into my makeup routine in hope that (like it says on the tin) it minimises my pores before applying my makeup base. I focus on applying it to the center of my face, around my nose, mouth and chin. 

I need to remember that my skin is sensitive in areas. Some day/night creams can be too much for my skin to absorb or leave my skin feeling red. The Bodyshop Aloe range seemed like the range I needed to introduce to my skin care routine. I feel it leaves my skin feeling calm and soft!

Just over a week ago my eyelids had a bit of a reaction to a makeup product I used. It left me with horrifically dry red eyelids that felt so itchy each time I blinked. I tried my best with the eye care products I had, but a couple just sat on the skin of my eyelids rather than nourish it. My eyes have cleared up completely after a few days of using this in the morning and evening. I'm so pleased with how gentle but nourishing this product is!

SEVENTEEN Long Lash Mascara review


I don't know about you, I can definitely be a mascara snob. If a mascara doesn't impress me almost immediately I guess I let my stubborn self dislike it. My ideal application would be a plastic brush with no clumping and overloading on the product - don't get me started if the formula dries out after a week! 

I took to twitter to ask what should be my next drugstore mascara. With an open mind someone suggested to me I should try out SEVENTEEN Long Lash Mascara from Boots. I hadn't used a SEVENTEEN Mascara before, so I felt a little weary. Upon receiving the recommendation. I thought I'd give it a try. 

To start with, it wasn't the plastic brush that I seem to prefer, but I purchased it anyway and wanted to give it an honest attempt at seeing if i'd like this product. I've been using it now for a good few weeks and I have to say, i'm really glad I purchased it! For the mere price of £6.99 I think this product is great! It really does lengthen my lashes without getting too voluminous to the point it looks clumpy. It doesn't transfer to my skin around my lashes but is easy to remove with a normal makeup remover, facial oil or facial soap. I think since i've used it for a few weeks now the product has come into contact with air I can tell that the formula has thickened - hopefully this doesn't mean that the formula is on the brink of drying out soon. 

I think I would contemplate on purchasing this again if my next mascara was going to be a drugstore one again! 

What mascaras do you use? Are you a little picky like me? hahaa let me know in the comments!

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