Youtuber's i'm loving right now ft Shaaanxo


With over 2 Million subscribers, i'd be impressed if you haven't seen one of Shannon's videos before! She's from New Zealand and has such an addictive personality! "Remember that it doesn't matter how much or how little makeup you wear, its about wearing as much as YOU want, and as much as YOU are happy wearing! I hope I can help you find some new techniques and products to try!" - Shannon. 

She posts videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Videos are also uploaded on her Vlog channel too! 

She uploads a mixture of makeup tutorials/reviews/first impressions, lipstick collection swatches, fashion hauls and many a collab! I usually refer to her for inspiration on makeup looks if i'm going out with my friends or I simply want to try something new! 

What youtubers are you loving right now? Leave their links below!

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