Where there's drama there's OSMO


So I stumbled across this brand a few months back whilst browsing FeelUnique. I was searching for some form of hair care for my bleached hair and came across a product that I've previously blogged about before - 'My current hair care favourites' - click to read! I was so impressed after repurchasing that product over and over that I got in contact with someone from OSMO who kindly sent me these goodies to try out and review! 

Extreme Volume Thickening Creme - "Lightweight thickening crème formulated to add instant volume and texture during the styling process."  Whilst my hair is still a little damp, I massage a small amount of this creme into my roots making sure it's truly smoothed in all over before I dry my hair with my hairdryer. I love the lift it gives my hair at the roots, there's nothing worse than it being left flat!

Extreme Volume Mega Styling Foam - "A lightweight styling foam for mega volume and textured hold whatever your hair type. With UV and thermal protectors, this wonder foam is the perfect primer for long-lasting, frizz-free, extreme volume styles.". This was something I was very keen on trying. I have a natural curl to my hair and I tend to style my hair whilst it's damp with mouse. I pump a few pumps into the palm of my hand and work it through my hair starting at the roots, leaving my hair to dry naturally. Leaving a great amount of volume in my hair for the day! 

Intensive Deep Repair Mask - "Deep nourishing treatment helps restore moisture and elasticity leaving hair feeling silky, smooth and manageable." I tend to treat my hair with conditioning masks either every other wash or a couple of times a week depending on what treatment I use. I massage a scoop of this one into the ends of my hair - especially the bleached parts! It leaves my hair feeling so soft and nourished with moisture!

Blinding Shine Serum - "A shine serum for smoothing straight or curly hair, The lightweight formula provides fantastic shine and frizz free results."  Hair serum is something that I definitely couldn't live without! If I happen to go somewhere and I forgot to pack it with me, it's the first thing i'll purchase to maintain my thick locks! This serums consistency is thicker than I had anticipated but makes my hair feel so silky on the ends! Where it is pretty thick, i'd recommend steering clear from your roots, or perhaps if you have finer hair maybe use this product sparingly so the product doesn't build up on the hair! 

If you haven't tried OSMO products before, I really recommend you do! I'm so impressed with all the products I've managed to try on my hair so far, it's all reasonably priced too! 

If you haven't ordered through FeelUnique before.


  1. I've never heard of Osmo before but this range sounds awesome! I love the sound of the styling foam as my hair prefers a mousse like texture for styling and I'm always looking to gain volume :D lovely post, gave you a follow on GFC! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. I discovered them via FeelUnique and i'm so glad I did! x


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