The 'No Junk Food Challenge'


I always like to think 'a new month - a fresh start' when it comes to things like eating healthier and exercising. Admittedly, the thought of putting myself on a strict diet absolutely bores me. I love food, 'nuff said. As a disclaimer, I didn't come up with the challenge concept, it's all over the internet! I just typed and tweaked a version inspired by what I had seen online. 

I know that if you completely cut something out of your lifestyle, there's a good chance that when you next come into contact with it, there's a higher possibility that you'll over eat it. Leading to regret, then followed by a new found lack of motivation to get back on track. So in place of this challenge for the month of May, i'm allowing myself a 'cheat day' if needed once a week! 

I'd like to think taking part in this challenge with added regular exercise at the gym would actually help my body goals! I'm not necessarily focused on losing weight, but toning up and generally becoming a fitter and more active person. 

So starting from May 1st i'm going to be taking part in this challenge - welcoming anyone that wants to join and take part alongside me! If you're doing this challenge some time soon, invite your friends to take part - you'll find it'll inspire you to stay focused and motivated! 

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