MAKEUP 101: When should you throw away your products?


Have you ever noticed on the labels of your beauty products and cosmetics, there's a little symbol letting you know how long the product is good for until it expires? You'll find these kinds of symbols on products like makeup, hair care, nail varnish (and remover), perfume and other cosmetics. Don't expect it to expire and suddenly look like something equivalent to spoilt milk. 

You see the little tub that's opened with a number and a letter stamped on the front? That's the symbol you need to look out for, but its what's on the symbol that you should take note of. You'll either see an M - for months or Y - for years. The number displayed in front of it is simply the quantity of time. in this case with my nail varnish remover in the image above, I should dispose of it after 30 months from it being opened. 

Ever thought about how long you should keep your makeup for? You can always refer to the individual packaging on the particular product. 

Mascara - 2 or 3 months (Unless the formula becomes clumpy, then throw it away!)
Foundation/Concealer - 6 to 12 months if it's a liquid form! 
Eyeshadow - 2 years
Lipstick/Lipgloss - 2 years for lipstick/1 year for lipgloss
Nail Polish - Up to 2 years (Throw away once the formula becomes gloopy or thicker than normal!)
Perfume - 8 - 10 years if kept in good condition - If it has changed smell or lightened in colour, it's probably expired. It's best to keep bottles of perfume out of direct sunlight. 

I know it's hard to part with some products, especially if it doesn't feel like you have had the products as long as you actually have! It's best to dispose to prevent bacteria irritating your skin or causing breakouts!

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