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Ever wondered about where you would want to go for a little getaway break? It's even more of a wonder when my boyfriend surprises me with red roses and tells me that he booked us a nights stay at an old B&B in the countryside to celebrate our anniversary. 

We stayed at The Brocket Arms in Hertfordshire. A beautiful 14th century country inn - "The bars and restaurant with their low ceilings, oak beams and inglenook fireplaces are full of character, where guests can enjoy delicious, seasonal, good quality food, together with a wide range of real ales and wines."

It was quiet, relaxing and perfect. There was such a welcoming feel to the place, it felt like the staff were like a family and you were a friend visiting their home. We sat for dinner with a glass of wine and a pint of cider and conversed over dinner - which may I say was lovely! Each room had so much character, I found myself admiring everything around me. The artwork, the fireplace, even the beautiful dog that was sitting with their owner in the bar seating area.

One thing I particularly liked about our room on our stay was this little comment book - which I can only assume there is one kept in every room. Previous guests have dated their stay and noted their thoughts. I loved reading the previous pages, along with our perspective they were all enjoying their stay. A few people meeting The Brocket Arms for the first time and a few on a returning visit.

I'm a sucker for romance, so I apologise if this post is a little lovey-dovey aha! Even though it was a night's stay at The Brocket Arms, it was perfect being able to really enjoy each others company 'out of town' before getting back to reality.

I would really recommend this place for a stay for yourself. Be it with a partner, a few friends and even your family! ♥ You can also read the other reviews here - Click

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