April Favourites ~


I'm not going to lie, it felt like I had blinked and April had flown right past me! I thought i'd let you know of the things I had been loving throughout April.

From left to right: Prague, Milan, Stockholm, Abu Dhabi and Amsterdam.
I need more of these badboys! I came across this particular Nyx Cosmetics product when one of my colleagues happened to be wearing Abu Dhabi - I loved it! This resulted in me purchasing a few of my own. The application is so velvety smooth and dries to a matt consistency on the lips! It's long lasting too yet simple enough to remove with makeup cleansers. Did I say I need more of these?

I don't know what it is, I find myself playing this song quite a bit at the moment! It wouldn't surprise me if it's because it's been frequently played on the radio. I can't decide if i prefer the original version or just the instrumental? It's pretty relaxing to listen to!

The Shinning Moment is the shimmering gold & The Love Affair is the dusty pink shade. 
I'm so obsessed with this highlighter right now from Bareminerals - its the "bareMinerals READY® Luminizer Duo" in the duo shades of The Shinning Moment and The Love Affair. I was introduced to this product (like many of the other bareminerals products that I now own) by my boyfriends lovely mumma! You can use these shimmery colours separately or blend them together for a beautiful warm pinky-toned glow. It's perfect for day time wear and also if you build it up, it's perfect for evenings and stands out in photos for sure!

Getting back to reading via the Amazon Kindle app.
I certainly go through phases of reading. I wish I was one of those people that has a mission to read every book under the sun. When I am in the reading mood, I jump straight to the Amazon Kindle app (which you and get on Android and IOS app stores) This app is so ideal, I used to love the idea of owning an actual Amazon Kindle, having that device as well as a tablet, iPod touch and smart phone seemed a little excessive to me. 

Right now I can't put down 'The Girl On The Train' - if you haven't heard of this WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I'm only kidding! Jump on the book bandwagon soon - I know there's a movie on the horizon! I wont post any spoilers of the book that I've read so far, but give it a read for sure!

Finally, I can't get enough of this product. If you've been on my blog before, you'll know how much I have been loving this product. Recently i've had my hair bleached to have an ombre effect, so restoring it's health and softness is key! This mask by OSMO is designed to do just that, plus(!) keeping the tone of your hair correct to avoid those awful brassy tones. I purchase OSMO products through FeelUnique

Well there's a small mixture of products I've been loving throughout April. What have you been loving? Let me know in the comments!

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