The Aurora Band Night Roller | Review & **Competition**


I can only really speak for myself when I say that sometimes waking up that little extra early in the morning to style my hair isn't really something that the front of my mind, unless it's my day off from work. For those of you that know me, I have thick curly/wavy hair - so anything like straightening my hair becomes a real debate in my mind if the weather could turn sour or there's *gasp* humidity. I tend to keep my hair up when i'm at work, in either french/dutch braids, ponytail or messy-bun. 

I came across this product a few months back. I was on Youtube watching hair tutorials.. You know when you click a recommended video, then the following recommended video, so on and so forth. You end up somewhere that you haven't really branched out to before (probably my favourite way of finding new channels to subscribe to as well on Youtube!) but I found this.. The Aurora Band Night Roller.  

I decided to purchase one to give it a try. The adult size retails for £12.99 - which I honestly thought wasn't too bad of a price! It arrived promptly and I was eager to try it. It's pretty simple to do, it's just learning the technique on your first attempt seems to be the trickiest part, but that's an obstacle you can easily climb over!

It's recommended that you have towel dried & clean hair. If you dry your hair too much, just give it a light spritz with some water again for the rollers to work. Part your hair in it's usual position. Split it down the nape of your neck and put the band around your with the flat surface against your forehead. Split each side of your hair into 4 sections (give or take a couple depending on your hair's thickness and length.) and brush through, then wrap the hair up and around the roller. You keep doing this until you reach the middle at the back of the band. Repeat on the other side. I'll insert a tutorial of the video here from Aurora Hair Products if my typed explanation isn't enough to assist you. 

Time to get that beauty sleep!

So the idea is that when you wake up the following morning, you get dressed, do your makeup etc and then style the hair. I suppose having the hair sit in the roller for as long as possible helps to keep its shape! You might find little pieces move/or unravel slightly - but hey, as long as you had a good night's sleep! ;) Believe it or not the band is actually very comfortable to sleep in too! I almost forgot it was on my head! You carefully unravel your hair from the band piece by piece, section by section, and comb your hair carefully with your fingers. You can either twist the hair into curls again or my preference recently is to comb through with my fingers and shake up my roots to have voluminous blowdried-looking hair. 

Voila! No heat damage either which is perfect for maintaining hair's health! I'm so impressed with this product, it's very comfortable to sleep in and easy to use once you've done it for the first time.  

I know I know, you're wondering where the whole competition side of this post is... it's right here baby! I've been very lucky to get my hands on two extra Aurora Bands from Aurora Hair Products to give away to you guys! I've decided the best way of giving them away would be on my Facebook page - Click here!

The Rules: 
- To be entered into this competition you need to be a UK Resident.
- You must like my blog's Facebook page, share the competition post and tag a friend in the comments!
- Once the winners have been announced, when I contact you you need to respond to me within 5 working days if not i'll draw another name. 
- The competition will close on the 21st May 2016 11:59pm.

Good luck! 

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