Montagne Jeunesse face mask packs


If you live in the UK you must have seen these little guys on shelves in the skin care isle in places like Boots, Superdrug and even ASDA. They're around £1 a pack and there's so many varietys to pick from you almost feel like its a pick and mix! I have this terrible habit of seeing these, noticing a new pack that I havent used before and I buy it thinking 'eh, it's only £1!' Until I discovered the little stash thats built up in the drawers in my bathroom. 

The packets of the face masks give you a real generous amount, almost too generous - but hey, i'm really not complaining! I always worry that I waste a considerable amount of the product. So recently upon discovering how many of these packs I had, I purchased a little plastic travel pot to store the remaining face mask in for my next use! 

If you haven't seen these before, I really recommend you try them! They're perfect if you're on a budget (I do recommend storing the excess in a pot, the packets aren't resealable). You can order them here, or instore/online at places like Boots, ASDA, Superdrug etc...

This post has not been sponsored in any way,  I have quite literally found the numerous packets I've purchased over the last few months and felt the need to share my thoughts with you all!

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  1. I usually tend to tape up the packet after use and use it within the week if possible - however the packet gets quite messy so a tub is a fab idea! definitely get more than one face's worth.


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