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As you can see, I clearly didn't post much throughout March! So I've included a few posts from the start of April to get you up to date with everything! Maybe i'll make my April more of a photo-filled canvas! So watch this space! 

1. It's my not-so-little-brother's birthday and he's 18! So why wouldn't you take a sneaky selfie? Plus it was nice and sunny today and I felt like it was a good hair day! ;)

2. After years of growing my hair colour out naturally and really trying to restore the softness and healthiness in my hair, I decided to have my hair ombre'd! (Previously having balayage in my hair to test how I felt with bleach in my hair.) I love it! People that know me have to currently tolerate the fact that I keep either playing with my hair or looking at it in the mirror!

3. I got back to blogging in March. After a few glasses of wine with some of my close gals, they encouraged me that I should get back to blogging. I previously had this blog up and running a few years ago (my posts are still live, see the side bar) then never left myself enough time for it. I'm glad i'm back to it now, I post some of my blogging photos to my Instagram and I now have a Facebook page too, to keep everyone up to date with all things Beautiboe!

4. I stumbled across this photo from one of my best friend's birthday night out from a few month ago, such an interesting and funny night which still gives me the giggles just thinking about parts of it!

5. Typical retro photo of my Mum and I with a little Mothers Day caption thrown in with it. We really do look like two peas in a pod! (Excuse my pre-teen eyebrows!)

6. I took my Mum away for a spa day for her birthday this year. Perfect for some mummy-daughter bonding which was definitely needed! I had never experienced a spa day before, but without a doubt I have no realised how fond of spa days I am, ahaha.

So that's it! Be sure to hang about for next months update - If not you can always follow me!

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