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For those of you that aren't too sure of what Flickr is, it's an online portfolio for artwork - commonly photography or videography. I first created my Flickr account in 2011 when I was studying photography in my A Levels in school. I felt sceptical at first, I wondered why someone would actually want to view my work online? I suppose the concept was just new to me. Click here to see my Flickr Account

Looking back through my account, it's interesting to see how I have explored ideas and developed my skills with having an eye for capturing images and also my creative skills on software like Photoshop. Even to this day I do consider myself an amateur in both departments, but my enthusiasm is high nonetheless. I'll touch on that in another post.

In my earlier work, I had more of an interest with the outdoors and landscapes. I remember quite a lot of my work was based on landscapes. My reasons for this would simply be that I enjoyed the little things outdoors. Not little on the literal scale you expect, but details, perspectives, time lapsing etc without the necessary focal point to be on people. I also didn't experiment much with Photoshop, not that you should need to in every image, but quite a bit of my earlier work had an 'untouched' feeling to them.

I do believe my taste for what I like to photograph has altered since I left school. To be honest, I think it's because there wasn't a guideline to follow within the curriculum. I began to really enjoy photographing people, with this happening though, I needed to invest in some equipment without blowing the bank at my entry level in photography. A little advice for any newbies in photography. Places like Amazon can really be your best budget friend without the quality being too cheap.

Over time I would absolutely love to invest in higher/better quality equipment as well as giving myself more time to practice photography/editing too. I know with patience i'll get this ball rolling in full motion again!

I would love it if you took a look at my Flickr account. I've photographed places that I've been to, people, events etc. I haven't uploaded in a little while, but I do have some content to get up on there. Let me know what you think! 

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