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I guess there could be two types of 'feel good drinking' if you really think about it. Put the bubbly down, take a step away from the glass and have a look at what we have here. I'm not going to fool you - i'm really not the most 'clean eating' person that I know, but I do try to have a healthy lifestyle as much as I can! Hey, if you need a cheat day here and there - you go and do it! Just make sure it's for just the day though ahahaa.

I was wandering up and down the isles of ASDA sometime last week. When this happens things can go either way, I can go home with things I question why I even purchased it in the first place, or I find things that I never knew were there (and maybe that I even need more of!).

In this case I was browsing the healthy drinks selection (these were near the bottled water and energy drinks). I'm the kind of person that isn't afraid of trying a new food or drink, so I picked up 3 drinks - one that I knew i'd like, another that I would like to think I liked, then finally one that the thought of it left my expression looking a little puzzled. 

Lets start with the one that I knew I would like.. 

Chi Coconut Water - Not only is coconut water hydrating, it's a great alternative to standard water if you become fairly bored of drinking it. I never knew that coconut water is actually absorbed into the body quicker than regular water and this makes it supposedly more hydrating. Also - like in the many other ways we use coconuts (oil etc) it's actually great for your skin! It's good on the inside and shows on the outside ;)

Teapigs Matcha green tea drink - I am a fan of green tea. I'm only used to boiling the kettle and brewing a cuppa, not a chilled fruity option with matcha green tea. For those of you who aren't familiar with matcha - it's basically a finely ground up form of green tea. With this drink I wasn't 100% on thinking i'd actually like it. Alas, I did! You almost forget its green tea because of its apple flavour but it doesn't taste of only apple juice - don't be fooled! 

Alo Original Allure - This one caught my attention the most, but the thought of it almost made me want to cringe a little? It's a healthy drink that had aloe vera pulp. That's right, you heard me. Aloe vera. I've never consumed aloe vera before but apparently its good for you... "what happened when you start with aloe vera, the once forbidden mangosteen, and mango? A bond of exotic energies that promotes an inner body tryst." I think it was the pulp that freaked me out the most, but once I got my head around it I was fine. I mainly tasted mango which was even more reassuring too. I think this is something I would definitely need to train myself to like if it was a natural flavoured drink! 

Admittedly I think i'd enjoy drinking all these again. There wasn't one that was so off putting that I could think to try anything else of the range. All ranging in price between £1 - £3 too. 

Are there any recommendations you have on health drinks?

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