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Within the last year, I've definitely taken into consideration what products my hair actually needs for it to remain in a good condition - rather than waiting until its past the post of reviving it and then needing to cut it all off. 

I never really took much notice of Tangle Teezers to be honest! I thought they were simply hyped up and surely couldn't have been an effective method for de tangling hair. Especially in my case (I have pretty thick hair, and quite a lot of it!) I thought these would feel pretty much pointless in comparison to a usual hair brush. I went out on a whim and ordered the aqua brush - ideal for brushing wet hair - which in my case, I brush through conditioner in my hair when i'm washing it, it feels so silky smooth! It's an ideal shape that doesn't hold water either. 

This, this is my absolute saviour for my hair. I use it in my hair after washing whilst it's damp, run it through the ends after styling, or if my hair needs that little pick me up or feels a little dry I'll also put it on my ends. My hair loves it and I really notice a difference when I have run out and use something else as an alternative. 

I've come across this recently whilst on a little splurge in Boots a few weeks ago. I love Aussie products - especially their 3 Minute Miracles Conditioning Treatments. I actually love to mix this product with the LOreal Elvive serum. It makes the ends of my hair feel so soft! 

This is in fact the 2nd tub I've purchased from Osmo and i'm so impressed! I've recently lightened the ends of my hair, so keeping them toned and nourished is my first port of call. This product does exactly that. I either use it as the last thing on my hair in the shower, or I turn it into a treatment - i'll dampen my hair that night, put the mask throughout my ends and wear something like a shower cap to prevent it from going all over my bedding, then i'll wash it out the following morning. 

I've not tried many products from Redken, but I do hear so many good things about the brand. Like the label says on the bottle, it really does make my hair feel so much softer. Whilst my hair is damp, and after i've ran serum through the ends of my hair, i'll give this product a little spritz  then either let my hair dry naturally or style it with heat. So far i'm loving this product.

What are you using in your hair care routines at the moment? Do you recommend anything in particular? 


  1. Hi! Great post - I have nominated you for a 'Liebster Award'! Have a look at my blog for what to do :)

  2. Aaah thank you, this is so useful! Great post - I will most definitely be trying your routine for my hair as it is also quite thick and I've left it to the point it needs to be cut :(

    1. I reallllly recommend the loreal hair oil, I live by the stuff! x


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