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See what I did there? Ha Ha Ha...

For those of you that aren't too sure of what Flickr is, it's an online portfolio for artwork - commonly photography or videography. I first created my Flickr account in 2011 when I was studying photography in my A Levels in school. I felt sceptical at first, I wondered why someone would actually want to view my work online? I suppose the concept was just new to me. Click here to see my Flickr Account

Looking back through my account, it's interesting to see how I have explored ideas and developed my skills with having an eye for capturing images and also my creative skills on software like Photoshop. Even to this day I do consider myself an amateur in both departments, but my enthusiasm is high nonetheless. I'll touch on that in another post.

In my earlier work, I had more of an interest with the outdoors and landscapes. I remember quite a lot of my work was based on landscapes. My reasons for this would simply be that I enjoyed the little things outdoors. Not little on the literal scale you expect, but details, perspectives, time lapsing etc without the necessary focal point to be on people. I also didn't experiment much with Photoshop, not that you should need to in every image, but quite a bit of my earlier work had an 'untouched' feeling to them.

I do believe my taste for what I like to photograph has altered since I left school. To be honest, I think it's because there wasn't a guideline to follow within the curriculum. I began to really enjoy photographing people, with this happening though, I needed to invest in some equipment without blowing the bank at my entry level in photography. A little advice for any newbies in photography. Places like Amazon can really be your best budget friend without the quality being too cheap.

Over time I would absolutely love to invest in higher/better quality equipment as well as giving myself more time to practice photography/editing too. I know with patience i'll get this ball rolling in full motion again!

I would love it if you took a look at my Flickr account. I've photographed places that I've been to, people, events etc. I haven't uploaded in a little while, but I do have some content to get up on there. Let me know what you think! 

The Aurora Band Night Roller | Review & **Competition**


I can only really speak for myself when I say that sometimes waking up that little extra early in the morning to style my hair isn't really something that the front of my mind, unless it's my day off from work. For those of you that know me, I have thick curly/wavy hair - so anything like straightening my hair becomes a real debate in my mind if the weather could turn sour or there's *gasp* humidity. I tend to keep my hair up when i'm at work, in either french/dutch braids, ponytail or messy-bun. 

I came across this product a few months back. I was on Youtube watching hair tutorials.. You know when you click a recommended video, then the following recommended video, so on and so forth. You end up somewhere that you haven't really branched out to before (probably my favourite way of finding new channels to subscribe to as well on Youtube!) but I found this.. The Aurora Band Night Roller.  

I decided to purchase one to give it a try. The adult size retails for £12.99 - which I honestly thought wasn't too bad of a price! It arrived promptly and I was eager to try it. It's pretty simple to do, it's just learning the technique on your first attempt seems to be the trickiest part, but that's an obstacle you can easily climb over!

It's recommended that you have towel dried & clean hair. If you dry your hair too much, just give it a light spritz with some water again for the rollers to work. Part your hair in it's usual position. Split it down the nape of your neck and put the band around your with the flat surface against your forehead. Split each side of your hair into 4 sections (give or take a couple depending on your hair's thickness and length.) and brush through, then wrap the hair up and around the roller. You keep doing this until you reach the middle at the back of the band. Repeat on the other side. I'll insert a tutorial of the video here from Aurora Hair Products if my typed explanation isn't enough to assist you. 

Time to get that beauty sleep!

So the idea is that when you wake up the following morning, you get dressed, do your makeup etc and then style the hair. I suppose having the hair sit in the roller for as long as possible helps to keep its shape! You might find little pieces move/or unravel slightly - but hey, as long as you had a good night's sleep! ;) Believe it or not the band is actually very comfortable to sleep in too! I almost forgot it was on my head! You carefully unravel your hair from the band piece by piece, section by section, and comb your hair carefully with your fingers. You can either twist the hair into curls again or my preference recently is to comb through with my fingers and shake up my roots to have voluminous blowdried-looking hair. 

Voila! No heat damage either which is perfect for maintaining hair's health! I'm so impressed with this product, it's very comfortable to sleep in and easy to use once you've done it for the first time.  

I know I know, you're wondering where the whole competition side of this post is... it's right here baby! I've been very lucky to get my hands on two extra Aurora Bands from Aurora Hair Products to give away to you guys! I've decided the best way of giving them away would be on my Facebook page - Click here!

The Rules: 
- To be entered into this competition you need to be a UK Resident.
- You must like my blog's Facebook page, share the competition post and tag a friend in the comments!
- Once the winners have been announced, when I contact you you need to respond to me within 5 working days if not i'll draw another name. 
- The competition will close on the 21st May 2016 11:59pm.

Good luck! 

Feel good drinking


I guess there could be two types of 'feel good drinking' if you really think about it. Put the bubbly down, take a step away from the glass and have a look at what we have here. I'm not going to fool you - i'm really not the most 'clean eating' person that I know, but I do try to have a healthy lifestyle as much as I can! Hey, if you need a cheat day here and there - you go and do it! Just make sure it's for just the day though ahahaa.

I was wandering up and down the isles of ASDA sometime last week. When this happens things can go either way, I can go home with things I question why I even purchased it in the first place, or I find things that I never knew were there (and maybe that I even need more of!).

In this case I was browsing the healthy drinks selection (these were near the bottled water and energy drinks). I'm the kind of person that isn't afraid of trying a new food or drink, so I picked up 3 drinks - one that I knew i'd like, another that I would like to think I liked, then finally one that the thought of it left my expression looking a little puzzled. 

Lets start with the one that I knew I would like.. 

Chi Coconut Water - Not only is coconut water hydrating, it's a great alternative to standard water if you become fairly bored of drinking it. I never knew that coconut water is actually absorbed into the body quicker than regular water and this makes it supposedly more hydrating. Also - like in the many other ways we use coconuts (oil etc) it's actually great for your skin! It's good on the inside and shows on the outside ;)

Teapigs Matcha green tea drink - I am a fan of green tea. I'm only used to boiling the kettle and brewing a cuppa, not a chilled fruity option with matcha green tea. For those of you who aren't familiar with matcha - it's basically a finely ground up form of green tea. With this drink I wasn't 100% on thinking i'd actually like it. Alas, I did! You almost forget its green tea because of its apple flavour but it doesn't taste of only apple juice - don't be fooled! 

Alo Original Allure - This one caught my attention the most, but the thought of it almost made me want to cringe a little? It's a healthy drink that had aloe vera pulp. That's right, you heard me. Aloe vera. I've never consumed aloe vera before but apparently its good for you... "what happened when you start with aloe vera, the once forbidden mangosteen, and mango? A bond of exotic energies that promotes an inner body tryst." I think it was the pulp that freaked me out the most, but once I got my head around it I was fine. I mainly tasted mango which was even more reassuring too. I think this is something I would definitely need to train myself to like if it was a natural flavoured drink! 

Admittedly I think i'd enjoy drinking all these again. There wasn't one that was so off putting that I could think to try anything else of the range. All ranging in price between £1 - £3 too. 

Are there any recommendations you have on health drinks?



Wait what? Ivy Park?
Yes you heard it, our Queen B and Topshop have been working their magic together and they have created an active wear label featuring numerous casual wear items within the range too. You can find the entire range online here  

Taken from Topshop.com

"Mixing high performance technical styles with fashion-led casualwear, it's a brand inspiring us to stay strong, healthy and happy - no matter what your sporting ability or body shape."

I'm not going to lie, that's a brand statement that I love to read!

So on the day the clothing was launched (14.04.2016) I visited my local Topshop to have a browse - I really love some of the pieces! What better reason is there to make a wishlist? 

There's so much more in the collection that I need want! Here are just a few that caught my attention. I've linked them all up for you to check them out on the Topshop website. 

Montagne Jeunesse face mask packs


If you live in the UK you must have seen these little guys on shelves in the skin care isle in places like Boots, Superdrug and even ASDA. They're around £1 a pack and there's so many varietys to pick from you almost feel like its a pick and mix! I have this terrible habit of seeing these, noticing a new pack that I havent used before and I buy it thinking 'eh, it's only £1!' Until I discovered the little stash thats built up in the drawers in my bathroom. 

The packets of the face masks give you a real generous amount, almost too generous - but hey, i'm really not complaining! I always worry that I waste a considerable amount of the product. So recently upon discovering how many of these packs I had, I purchased a little plastic travel pot to store the remaining face mask in for my next use! 

If you haven't seen these before, I really recommend you try them! They're perfect if you're on a budget (I do recommend storing the excess in a pot, the packets aren't resealable). You can order them here, or instore/online at places like Boots, ASDA, Superdrug etc...

This post has not been sponsored in any way,  I have quite literally found the numerous packets I've purchased over the last few months and felt the need to share my thoughts with you all!

Current hair care favourites


Within the last year, I've definitely taken into consideration what products my hair actually needs for it to remain in a good condition - rather than waiting until its past the post of reviving it and then needing to cut it all off. 

I never really took much notice of Tangle Teezers to be honest! I thought they were simply hyped up and surely couldn't have been an effective method for de tangling hair. Especially in my case (I have pretty thick hair, and quite a lot of it!) I thought these would feel pretty much pointless in comparison to a usual hair brush. I went out on a whim and ordered the aqua brush - ideal for brushing wet hair - which in my case, I brush through conditioner in my hair when i'm washing it, it feels so silky smooth! It's an ideal shape that doesn't hold water either. 

This, this is my absolute saviour for my hair. I use it in my hair after washing whilst it's damp, run it through the ends after styling, or if my hair needs that little pick me up or feels a little dry I'll also put it on my ends. My hair loves it and I really notice a difference when I have run out and use something else as an alternative. 

I've come across this recently whilst on a little splurge in Boots a few weeks ago. I love Aussie products - especially their 3 Minute Miracles Conditioning Treatments. I actually love to mix this product with the LOreal Elvive serum. It makes the ends of my hair feel so soft! 

This is in fact the 2nd tub I've purchased from Osmo and i'm so impressed! I've recently lightened the ends of my hair, so keeping them toned and nourished is my first port of call. This product does exactly that. I either use it as the last thing on my hair in the shower, or I turn it into a treatment - i'll dampen my hair that night, put the mask throughout my ends and wear something like a shower cap to prevent it from going all over my bedding, then i'll wash it out the following morning. 

I've not tried many products from Redken, but I do hear so many good things about the brand. Like the label says on the bottle, it really does make my hair feel so much softer. Whilst my hair is damp, and after i've ran serum through the ends of my hair, i'll give this product a little spritz  then either let my hair dry naturally or style it with heat. So far i'm loving this product.

What are you using in your hair care routines at the moment? Do you recommend anything in particular? 

Spring Skin Care Day Routine


The clocks have gone forward, the days are lighter for longer - yaaay! 
I find once the bitterly cold months are coming to an end, my skin care routine changes, getting it prepped for the Spring months on the horizon. My main focus, keeping skin clear and spot and stress free as the weather changes. 

A couple of times a week, I enjoy using a spot fighting/blackhead clearing face mask. A frequently used example is the Quick FiX Facials Anti Blemish Mud Mask. (Found in Boots UK) I find this makes my skin feel incredibly fresh because of it being a thick mud mask. I make sure I have clear skin before applying (I tend to remove my makeup the night before) leave on for a few minutes then wash of gently with a face cloth and warm water. 

To make sure my skin is really clean, I follow up with the Bodyshop 'Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter '. It's a butter like formula that melts into an oil when the heat from your skin comes into contact with it. If it's a day that I haven't used a face mask I tend to use my Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System to exfoliate my skin in a gentle way. The bristles on the brush rotate in a circular motion to gently remove the dead skin cells on the surface of your face. 

I always try to sneak something like this product in my skin routine, the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Blackhead Eliminating Cleansing Lotion is the current one i'm using at the moment. I soak a cotton pad in this liquid, then wipe it in circular motions over my face (avoiding the eye area). On occasions you see the cotton pad after and there is still dirt coming off the skin. I try to focus this around my nose and on my chin. 

If you haven't yet tried the Superdrug Vitamin E range - I really recommend that you do. It's so wonderfully priced (usually on offer too!) and I find the formulas work so well on my skin type. I use the Refreshing Toning Mist and the Nourishing Eye Cream. They both make my skin feel so soft! I spritz the mist over my face and wait for it to be absorbed, then gently dab the eye cream under my eyes. 

Finally I use Clean and Clear Dual Action Oil-Free Moisturiser to once again, help fight off those bad boy spots. Since you know, prevention is better than cure in cases like this ;) It almost has a tea tree like freshness to it once it's sunk into the skin. It's incredibly refreshing to feel - your face will feel super clean!

What do you use in your current skin care routine? Anything you would recommend to try? 

March ~ Instagram


Numbered from top left to right, then lower row.
As you can see, I clearly didn't post much throughout March! So I've included a few posts from the start of April to get you up to date with everything! Maybe i'll make my April more of a photo-filled canvas! So watch this space! 

1. It's my not-so-little-brother's birthday and he's 18! So why wouldn't you take a sneaky selfie? Plus it was nice and sunny today and I felt like it was a good hair day! ;)

2. After years of growing my hair colour out naturally and really trying to restore the softness and healthiness in my hair, I decided to have my hair ombre'd! (Previously having balayage in my hair to test how I felt with bleach in my hair.) I love it! People that know me have to currently tolerate the fact that I keep either playing with my hair or looking at it in the mirror!

3. I got back to blogging in March. After a few glasses of wine with some of my close gals, they encouraged me that I should get back to blogging. I previously had this blog up and running a few years ago (my posts are still live, see the side bar) then never left myself enough time for it. I'm glad i'm back to it now, I post some of my blogging photos to my Instagram and I now have a Facebook page too, to keep everyone up to date with all things Beautiboe!

4. I stumbled across this photo from one of my best friend's birthday night out from a few month ago, such an interesting and funny night which still gives me the giggles just thinking about parts of it!

5. Typical retro photo of my Mum and I with a little Mothers Day caption thrown in with it. We really do look like two peas in a pod! (Excuse my pre-teen eyebrows!)

6. I took my Mum away for a spa day for her birthday this year. Perfect for some mummy-daughter bonding which was definitely needed! I had never experienced a spa day before, but without a doubt I have no realised how fond of spa days I am, ahaha.

So that's it! Be sure to hang about for next months update - If not you can always follow me!

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