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If you've followed my blog in the past, you might have already seen a previous 'Makeup 101 - brushes' themed post. If you want to read that please click here. Since then my techniques and products have changed to make cleaning makeup brushes that little bit easier. Since we all know it's a chore that we wish we could avoid! ;)

As a little disclaimer - I am not an expert in skin care etc, this post is simply based on my own level of knowledge mixed with my own experience. 

I'm pretty enthusiastic in making sure my brushes are washed on a regular basis. The thought of spreading and buffing bacteria on my face from product that's been sitting on the brushes for a few weeks scares me! I'm often asked a few questions...

How often do you clean your makeup brushes?
I try to clean mine on a weekly basis - worst case scenario every two weeks. Within that two week period though, i'd use something like a baby wipe that I could swirl the brush in to remove some of the product before its next proper wash.

What products do you wash your brushes with?
You can wash your brushes with a number of products. I'd recommend something that has the purpose of cleansing deeply but still being gentle - this is key if you want to prolong the life of your brushes. Either an actual dedicated makeup brush cleaner would work or something like a baby shampoo (I use this in my previous makeup 101 post)

What's an easy technique to remove product from the brushes easily?
Well first, there is the palm of your hand, but depending on how many brushes you need, this can feel like a lot of effort over time. There are also different silicone brush tools that are easily accessible to purchase too. One tool I've used in the past is the Brushegg - these are as little as £1 to buy from places like ebay. 

You pop this little egg over your fingers and you swirl your brush against the different textures on the egg. This is really effective for smaller brushes like eye shadow brushes. For the price that this item is, it's really really great. Although the more time you spend washing brushes (if you have a few of them) your hands do get pretty wet, which means the egg has the tendency to slide off your hand once in a while. 

Then there's my latest discovery - the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette rrp £12.99 - this has made cleaning brushes sooooo much easier! you slot your entire hand through the handle of the palette, which makes it incredbily comfortable for you to clean your brushes. You could either continue using something like baby shampoo to clean your brushes or I have been using the Real Techniques Cleansing gel. You dollop a small amount into the tray, wet the end of your brush under a warm water tap, then swirl it over the different textures in the palette. The bigger the brush, the more you should swirl over the bigger textures, and the same again for smaller brushes etc. 

What would be a good way of drying the brushes?
You need to allow your brushes the time to dry naturally. Forcing the process to be quicker with something like a hair dryer can be really damaging to not only the bristles, but the glue in the brush too. My preference of drying brushes is to roll a hand towel up at one end so the brushes can lean against it at an angle with the heads facing the towel in a downwards motion. This allows any moisture in the barrel to come down and be absorbed by the towel. 

Voila lovely clean and soft makeup brushes! I hope this helps you if you had any questions about this kind of thing. Do you use any particular products for your makeup brushes? Have you tried the Real Techniques brush palette and gel cleanser? Would you like to see the Real Techniques products in a little more detail in the future? 

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